Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Top Three Cars for Multiple Car Seats

For anyone who knows me, you'll know how distressing I found it when we had to invest in a MPV two years ago to accommodate three isofix car seats. A true sign I couldn't hide my age in favour of misplaced youth.
And you may remember how upset I was last year when we took the decision to sell my convertible, in favour of a car which could accommodate two isofix and a booster seat.

These decisions were made so much more difficult by not knowing what was on the market which looked good and had safety in mind.

So, I am delighted to welcome Ashleigh-Rose to welcome up some much needed car wisdom on accommodating multiple car seats. 

Let’s be honest the motoring industry isn't that accommodating to big families.
Choice is limited and most families with even the hint of more than one child get pointed in the direction of an MPV. Providing safe and reliable transport is an all important part of family life; however the thought of trying to squeeze two let alone three car seats into a vehicle can be headache in itself.
Whilst multipurpose vehicles are fantastic for families, providing space, comfort and all important safety features, they are not the only option for big broods. In fact most large cars come with isofix anchors as standard, but not all can fit multiple car seats.
Below are three I've picked that are perfect for large families.

Hyundai Santa Fe
The Santa Fe is by far the best buy if you want to avoid an MPV. All back seats are all fitted with isofix anchors and allow enough space for all three safety seats to fit across the back, this is one of the only vehicles that provides this option.
It comes in a five seat and seven seat option, both having plenty of boot space for double buggies, not to mention all the extra family essentials. The height of the vehicle is great for fitting seats, and has a great spacious feeling overall, even when it is loaded to the rafters.

The Santa Fe was also voted the safest car in its class by the Euro NACP this year. It scored fantastically for passenger safety and child safety in the three and under, and three and above age groups. It really is a stand out car for families; I would recommend a test drive at a local Hyundai dealer to any parent.

Audi A4 Avant
Estate cars are fantastic options for those after a smaller car; they are great for city dwellers and those who often find themselves fighting for parking spaces, outside the school gate springs to mind!
The A4 has also been classed as the safest large family car by Euro NACP, scoring particularly high for its safety technology.
The A4 comes with two isofix points on the back seats as standard, with both points on the outer seats.
It is possible to fit three child seats in the back row, but only if you use a backless booster seat. Opting for an additional front seat isofix or a universal child seat fixed with a seat belt, would be a safer option, as backless boosters do not provide side impact protection. Airbag deactivation ability comes as standard, and is operated by turning the key, meaning you can place front facing safety chairs in the passenger seat without any worries.
This car performs fantastically safety wise, and out of all three suggestions is the best looking. You also a have the reassurance of a German engine, giving you a safe family car with an Audi performance.

Skoda Superb Estate
Skoda’s reputation has not been too shiny in the past but you would be extremely surprised how well they fair for large families. The Superb is extremely cost effective to run and has been praised by many auto traders and experts on its incredible amount of room, so if it’s boot space you’re after the Superb is your answer. The Superb has been given a five star rating from the Euro NACP safety testing body, scoring highest for its passenger safety.
The Superb has two isofix points as standard, with the front seat isofix anchor as an optional extra. The passenger air bag in this car is deactivated by turning the key and comes as a standard fitting.
But the Superb really shines in the backseats. There’s plenty of leg room making it incredibly easy to fix the seats in place. The top tether points are easy to access, and the back seatbelts are the perfect length for securing both front facing and rear facing car seats.

The most important factor when you purchase a car is that you and your family feel safe and comfortable. On test drives take your car seats with you and try fitting them yourself, it’s of upmost importance that you are happy with your choice.
If you are worried about fitting isofix seats yourself, Halfords offer a fantastic service where trained individuals will fit the seats for you, all for free. So take your time to make your decision, if in doubt ask your local dealer and check out family car forums for some mother to mother advice.

Ashleigh-Rose Harman writes on behalf of West London Motor Group, a new and used car dealers with a range of family friendly cars, including the Hyundai Santa Fe.


  1. There are a few large family cars in the 8 seater category that could cope with putting three car seats side by sides. I'd recommend the Mercedes Viano or Hyundai i800 for size, however they aren't the cheapest of the bunch.

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