Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Valentine's Day with Baker Days - A Review

With Valentine's Day just around the corner I am the person who is never prepared. I know, how can you forget a date, but as it doesn't come with enforced holiday, I usually find myself staying in a hotel room alone- away with work.

When Baker Days got in touch to offer the chance to see what they have to offer, well I figured it might make up for my lack of thought last year... and get me some advance brownie points.

Baker Days specialise in personalised cakes which are posted to you, and they even do a 'letterbox range' which means you don't have to worry about red dockets (you can guarantee our postman delivers parcels during the school run).

I opted for a Letterbox cake from the Valentine's range, personalised with Mr J's name, and romantic but not overly so. The great thing about the range is that it caters for most personalities, and as there's also a 'Design your own' range, if you can't find just the right thing you can use your own images.

Once the cake is selected, the personal touches complete, you can choose your choice of sponge- another great feature. I would definitely have gone for carrot cake, but as this was for Mr J I took the safe option of double choc chip.

Delivery was fast, the packaging gave no clues, and in case like me you might panic about any pets ripping open the packaging to eat the cake, well, have no fear:

The cake arrived in the most gorgeous embossed tin (I have discretely hidden this for future occasions!), our cake arrived with a pack of Love Hearts and a little card, which added to the personality of the gift.

From Mr J's perspective this was a great gift, romantic enough but not overly so, and cake- you can't go wrong in this house with cake!

And everyone has enjoyed eating it.
No one in this house is a fan of icing. But the icing on the cake is light enough to not detract from the cake.
The cake, well, it was delicious, and yes, it disappeared fast!

The Baker Days concept is great, you can find cakes for all occasions, and it's convenient.
It does come with at a price, our cake was £16.99.
This is a concept cake, it is, to me, a great cake for *those* occasions, an alternative 'thank you' to a bouquet of flowers, or for the person who has everything.
It's a concept which means when you are scratching your head for the right thing to do, or a gift that doesn't immediately spring to mind.
And there's no knocking the quality, it was definitely a great cake, with great finishing touches.
And yes, I'm back in Mr J's good books.
For now.

Disclosure: We received a Baker Days Letterbox cake for the purposes of this review. All views contained are our own.

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