Friday, 29 March 2013

A fantastic week at Butlin's, Bognor Regis

Last week we stepped up to the challenge of being Butlin's Ambassadors and road tested the Ocean Hotel at Bognor Regis.

I convince myself that they invited us, so it's alright, as we definitely put the team through their paces.

We arrived on the day my daughter turned 4, so first up you had an over excited child. Convinced we were on the 4th floor because of her age.
And then the two year old twins.This is the first holiday we've been on where they were full power. 100% confident in themselves, and 100% confident that they can take on the world.

And of course, this confidence meant they were exhausted in time for tea every night. No matter how early we went for dinner they still were almost asleep at the table, and latterly in a bad mood.

My children can't be alone in this.
With so much to do at Butlin's it seems exhaustion is the inevitable end to every day.
Mummy and daddy definitely needed this week to recover.

The team at Butlin's are superb, adept with dealing with every possible eventuality, and remaining courteous, polite and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble, and no matter what us or the other guests threw at them- nothing caused a frown.

The facilities at Butlin's are clean, safe, and instantly attractive to children.

The shows hypnotise children. I now have a 4 year old who wants to be a Knight when she grows up.

Of course, I got home and spent Saturday loving all the photos, until my laptop died on me.
And, having spent today on a new laptop going through all the photos, I am still no closer to a shortlist.

So here is my compromise, until I get round to editing the video footage.

Here are a collection of our photos; the resort, the fairground and the shows.
I think it goes way to explaining why the children loved it, and why everyone ended the week exhausted, with memories created forever.

Disclosure: We were provided with the holiday in our role as Butlins Ambassadors. All views expressed are our own.

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