Monday, 11 March 2013

A Pirate's Birthday Party fit for a 4 year old

Squeaks is about to turn four. And she wants a Pirate themed birthday party.
I am going over the top with the party.
I have guilt on a number of levels.
Firstly, this is her first 'proper' party.
When we lived in Yorkshire we had tea parties but didn't really know anyone her age.
Now birthday parties are a regular occurence- the joy of starting nursery school.
And of course I have the working mum thing, The guilt of not being at home is evened up by time at meetings mulling over the pirate ideas.

As a result of the request for a Pirate themed party I have fallen in love with Pinterest, and you can check out where my ideas have come from on my board. Hopefully I can add a lot more photos after the party!

So, this is where we're at.
Motivated by Pinterest I decided to make invitations. With the aid of paper I bought over ten years ago for CVs and cover letters (I'm sure it was all the rage then), my felt tips, a printer, a hole punch and curling ribbon- I was really proud of my efforts. It was a well spent night away with work!

I have however discounted any hand made efforts by resorting to the pound shop for the tableware. It seemed like such a waste to invest in stuff that will end up in the recycling bin, and with pirates being such a common theme we were sorted.

The goody bags will be a mix of 'tat' and handmade, if I get the time.
Again we have relied on the supermarket and pound shop. Bubbles and eye patches- how can we go wrong?!
And I am hoping to get some Pirate themed salt dough decorations done this week. It may not be everyone's taste- but neither's tat!

The food though is where I'm having the most fun.

Whilst we're going with sandwiches, wraps, sausages, pizza and chicken for savouries, I've loved the ideas I've found for desserts:
The online world has been an absolute gift.
The lovely Laura who did the boys' first birthday cake and mum's 60th is going to a great 'Jake and the Never Land Pirates' cake.

I managed to find the majority of thngs I needed on ebay.
'Buried treasure'- gold coins in krispie cakes.
Pirate cakes- sponge cakes with rice paper.
Pirate boats: Blue jell-o from an American sweet shop, in clear cups, with a slice of orange with a pirate flag.
Pirate battles: Plastic swords with strawberries, grapes and pineapple.
Treasure chests: with gold coins, haribo rings and candy necklaces.

And of course, the fantastic Pirate outfits we received from Joker's Masquerade.

I'm so excited about the party.
But I'm so glad we said we'll alternate parties and trips away between Squeaks and the boys.
I wonder what 2015 will hold!!

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  1. What on earth did we do in the days before Pinterest?! It's looking fab and bet Squeaks is going to love it, heck, I'm quite jealous ;-)


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