Friday, 29 March 2013

And breathe

Deadlines met.
Two weeks of no childcare done.
One poorly husband getting better.

It's done.

Time to catch up on family time.

It's been a lot more painless than this time last year.
I don't feel the need to crash and burn.
But I do feel I've neglected the best parts of my life.

That's the thing with this 'working mum' thing.
You never feel like you're doing the right thing.
Because no matter how much I enjoy my job.
I enjoy spending time with my family more.
And when I'm stressed with work, I know my patience levels wane.

I can't beat myself up too much.
We had the best week away.
And the boys are growing so fast, and their laughter is still as contagious as ever.
And my little girl has turned 4, and is as sassy as ever in attitude and mind.
And it is done.
"My work here is done."
The proposal was submitted
Ahead of schedule.
We secured the support needed to get the proposal submitted.
And now the waiting game begins again.

And despite this temporary celebration.
I begin my to-do list of everything I haven't done whilst we've been working on the proposal.

But first, a week off.
A week off me time.
Me and my family.
Laughter, fun, chaos, disorder.
Bring it on.

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