Sunday, 31 March 2013

Exploring Dyffryn Gardens on the #EasterEggTrail

Celebrating Easter can be a difficult balance, from gifting chocolate eggs or more, to getting everyone involved.
Making it a family occasion was top of our priority list.

The National Trust is making this easy for families through the Easter Egg Trail.
Eighteen National Trust locations across Wales, and 250 across the UK have opened their doors this weekend to celebrate Easter.

We made our way to Dyffryn Gardens. In the heart of the Vale of Glamorgan, we couldn't have timed our visit better- Dyffryn Gardens reopened under the stewardship of the National Trust in January, and Dyffryn House reopened it's doors to the public this weekend.
Dyffryn Gardens are Grade I-listed, the house Grade II-listed.
Duffryn House, Duffryn Gardens, The Vale of Glamorgan
The house is spectacular.
Squeaks stood back, took a deep breath, and said "Can we play hide and seek in it?"

We joined the Easter Egg Trail at the Exhibition Centre, Squeaks and I set off to explore the house whilst Mr J took the boys to play on the lawns.

I would love to wander the house without Squeaks- it is amazing in its intricacies, from the stain glassed window to the art work, the panelling. You really could lose yourself.

As it was, the National Trust volunteers have made every effort to make the house welcoming to children and adults alike.
Volunteers are hand to share their knowledge, and enthusiasm. In each room there is something to grab a child's interest.
I loved the ideas of beanbeds on the floor to encourage you to take the time to appreciate the art work on the ceilings (hopefully these are for children and adults alike!).

From the house, we met up with Mr J and took the time to appreciate the Great Lawn.
Of course, everyone was magnetically attracted to the canal and the steps.
We made a vow to go out collecting frogspawn this week after seeing so much and Squeaks having learned about tadpoles and frogs in school.
As you make your way around the gardens there are great insights, wonderful inspirations. It is amazing to think people bring so much motivation to the designs of gardens, from each as an individual piece, and then to making them work as a collection.
We took a walk through the Glass House, and of course Squeaks loved all the beautiful flowers, and was intently looking at the lemon trees with an absolute awe.
And, of course, there was the actual reason we were there- the Easter Egg Trail!
Squeaks took it very seriously, when she wasn't distracted by wide spans of grass, or beautiful flowers.
The counting tasks had us all foxed as we kept coming up with three different answers!

And yet, at the end of it, all three little people were rewarded with an egg.
And whilst Squeaks treasured hers and wanted to keep it till we got home (especially proud of the fact she had a pirate egg!), the boys, well, I spotted a trail of foil as we made our way back to the car!

The Easter Egg Trail is a fantastic way of exploring National Trust locations, and a great way of keeping little people involved.
As we left Squeaks asked if we could come back next Easter. We replied 'definitely'. Not expecting "It's Easter Monday tomorrow isn't it mummy? I can't wait!".

As someone who only remembers Dyffryn for its open air theatre I have to recommend Dyffryn House and Garden as a great family activity, and even better if you can explore on your own and as a family!
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Disclosure: We were provided with a pass for a family of five for the purposes of this review. All views contained are our own.


  1. Bless asking to come back next Easter and knowing Easter Monday that's really sweet

    1. I love it when they come out with things you can't argue with!

  2. Looks like a great day out for all, lovely photos.

    1. Thank you x The weather was kind which made it a great day.

  3. Ha! My Country Kids is also Dyffryn Gardens! I didn't know that the house was reopening this weekend and it was such a treat to see the beautiful rooms open; I loved that they had the rooms open which were yet to be renovated too. I agree about the canal, it magically draws people to it doesn't it? We love the garden rooms there too. It was a beautiful day to visit, you've taken some stunning photographs of your gorgeous children.

    Nipping over from the Country Kids linky.

    1. It was a great coincidence. It's amazing to look at the intricacies of the work needed to renovate, and the beauty of all the rooms.
      I'm so glad you made the day too, Monday turned so bitter again and maybe not as enjoyable.

  4. how funny i just saw the Boy and Me's post on their easter egg hunt here! we still need to do ours at our local NT site - hoping to go tomorrow.
    i love how much effort the NT puts inot their events and your kids look like they had a fun time hunting down all the clues.not surprised they have asked to return again next year! x

    1. I'd like to say it's "great minds"... and it I don't say that maybe I'll look like a stalker!! Hmmmm, should all the best bloggers have a stalker I wonder?!
      It really was fantastic to visit, and yes, the enthusiasm of NT and how they look at things from a child's perspective- it really was a great day. x


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