Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Gardening fun with children

It was great to have some good weather this weekend.
Although the turn to frost may have meant we've been over-optimistic.
We've introduced Squeaks to growing her own flowers and vegetables.
And the enthusiasm is flowing.

We started a few weeks ago with cress, sunflowers and asparagus.
Progressing to carrots, peas, tomatoes, broccoli, spring onions, peppers.
And of course daffodils.
Introducing children to gardening

It's a great mix of things you can watch growing, and things where patience is a little more in order.

Squeaks has taken some of her sunflower seeds and seedlings into school.
And was so excited yesterday that some had grown over the weekend.

Gardening is one of those things which can start on a low budget.
We've not invested that much so far, it seems egg cartons are great.
And using the plastic containers food is frequently purchased.

The added bonus with gardening is it doesn't require trying to make it out of the home.
It's a great rainy day activity.
And it makes the most of outdoor space.
And as we transfer seedlings to the children's summer house  it not only brightens the rooms around the house, but also the garden.
Introducing children to gardening
Squeaks has thrown herself into the activity. Making sure the plants are each watered every day.
And getting so excited about those which have been transferred outside.
Introducing children to gardening

Maybe next year we'll think about a vegetable patch, I suspect by then the boys will be ready to join in as well!

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  1. No idea how I missed this post! Hope everything is growing well. x


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