Thursday, 14 March 2013

Please send chocolate. Or Vodka. Extra time would be better.

It's weeks like these, which I love and hate in equal measure.

It feels like everything's happening at once.

To test us.

Today is the boys last day with the childminder.
And of course I ran round like a maniac at 10pm as I forgot to get their stuff together.

Yesterday was their second session at playgroup.
And Tiny came home with a cracking bruise above his eye.
Because if it could happen to anyone....

We've got Squeaks' birthday party this weekend.
And I've known all along I've bitten off more than I can chew.
But I want to do her proud.
I just hope I can.

And there's been something wrong with the car.
We took it to the garage.
And got a quote for repairs.
Does anyone actually have this kind of money spare?

I feel like the most rubbish person.
Am I that bad at budgeting
Should I raid the children's savings accounts?
Should they have saving accounts when we're this strapped for cash?
Can we cope with one car?
I'll have enough money by April... hopefully.

Money worries is the thing which tips me over the edge.
I don't know why.
If we haven't got it, we haven't got it.

And then there's work.
The proposal and resultant project which nearly sent me to my stress-bubble last year.
Of course I volunteered for Round 2.
And it really does feel like stepping into the ring.
Apart from I haven't finished fighting all the battles of round 1.

So I feel like I'm ducking punches, only to get thwacked over the head by the one out of my line of vision.

The answers are constrained by the number of characters.
The perfect opportunity for Twitterers.
Madness for trying to provide meaningful responses.
And then there's the ruddy excel spreadsheets.
Now there's a battle I have so many wounds from.

And of course between now and the proposal being submitted I've got a week off.
And everyone is panicking, it seems I have "tacit knowledge".
So whilst it's my stress, it's ok for everyone to make it worse.
I have offered them a day planner, everything they need to do whilst I'm off.
That's team effort for you.

And then to top it all off.
Mr J has been on a waiting list for some minor surgery.
And the appointment's come through for the day the proposal is due in.
And my parents will be away.
And we've given up the childminder.
And it's Easter holidays.
So, the proposal is due in, Mr J will be in hospital, and I'll have the three masters of chaos for company.

*reaches for the vodka*

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