Saturday, 9 March 2013

Project #365 - Week 10

Thank you for visiting and getting involved with our weekly antics.
This week has been quite a fun, varied one.
So here goes:

Sunday: this was taken in the early hours. My boys sleeping their first night in a toddler beds. 
Monday: 62 Buckingham Gate. I stumbled across the iconic build en route to a meeting. 
Tuesday: picking up the boys from my parents. Cheeky pretends he is oblivious to the fact he is in grampy's chair!
62 Buckingham Gate, twins in toddler beds, and the cheeky toddler
Wednesday: picking up the boys from their first solo session at playschool. Tiny confidence soared- so much so he decided to drive home.
Thursday: Heading home from another full day in London.
Friday: Home from Bristol to find Cheeky wearing his reins, with no trousers, shoes or socks. Reading a book and making monkey noises at his brother. Life doesn't really get any better.
Barbican, toddler driving and toddler monkey noises
And my favourite photo for the week- because, yes, we had weather to allow this level of enjoyment!
Bouncing on a Plum trampoline

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  1. Aww the boys sleeping in their toddlers beds is lovely :-)

  2. Lovely selection. Looks like a busy week! Love the toddler beds and the final shot is fab x

  3. The toddler beds is lovely. Such a bit milestone

  4. Off on your mad work travels again this week I see. Love the trampoline picture - it was a lovely day - just need some more of those.

  5. glad your boys enjoyed playschool and to learn driving skills is immense!!!
    hope you enjoyed blogsummit on friday, i was gutted not to be there myself :(
    the trampoline shot is lovely 0- such a pretty dress x

  6. They look very comfy in their toddler beds! I like the picture on the trampoline - bouncing in style.

  7. Looks like a great week. They look so adorable in their new beds. The trampoline photo is a great shot!

  8. I love your little girls hair bouncing on the trampoline! :) Looks like the boys love their toddler beds!

  9. Bob sleeps sideways in a bed as well, What a gorgous colour dress, and wow at the summeryness of it, no cardi, no socks and we had snow!!

  10. The boys are so cute in their toddler beds. Fantastic photo on the trampoline.


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