Friday, 29 March 2013

Raising awareness: #VitaminD for toddlers

I am lucky enough to have become a Growing Up Milk Mum.
As a mum to premature babies, and one born at 4lb 7oz, making sure my children get a healthy, well balanced diet is a priority.

The start of Spring sees the UK's first Vitamin D Day. Launches by Growing Up Milk Info, the campaign aims to raise the importance of vitamins for toddlers.

It would seem in a year of the most random weather the campaign is well timed, the reliance of the sun to support us receiving Vitamin D feels to me something that can't be taken foregranted. Limited sunshine, and exposure to the sun, means that toddlers may not get the opportunity to get the Vitamin D needed if reliant on this single source.

Health Expert and ITV's This Morning regular, Dr Chris Steele, is backing Vitamin D Day. Parents understanding of the importance of dietary intake of vitamin D for toddlers is key to supporting growth of bones and teeth.

"The lack of vitamin D in toddler diets is a growing health concern and we need to ensure that our toddlers are getting the best from their diets. Presently, the average British toddler is only getting 27% of their daily vitamin D RNIii which is major concern as the sun cannot be relied upon alone to fulfil a toddler's vitamin D needs."

Vitamin D Day is about raising awareness of which food sources can support gaining Vitamin D, allowing parents to easily factor Vitamin D into diets.
Growing Up Milk Info is supporting Vitamin D Day by providing lots of information on supporting toddlers in getting their vitamin D intake, including meal planners and advice and support.

Disclaimer: This information is brought to you through my role as a Growing Up Milk Mum

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