Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Tiny Twisted Tales - Review

My Little Big Town has published three fantastic 'tiny twisted tales'.
'Jenny', 'Stuart the Bug Eating Man', and 'Pale Henry' are the most obscure books I have read my daughter. So inevitably that means she loves them!

The Tiny Twisted Tales are written and illustrated by Calvin Innes. And to be honest I wasn't so fussed on them. The clue for Pale Henry and the Bug Eating Man is in the title. And yet, strangely there are great messages in each of these books- Pale Henry makes friends whilst being true to himself, the Bug Eating Man makes the most of who he is. So, whilst I could not believe I was reading these to my daughter, I could cope with how much she enjoys them given I hold a sliver of hope she gets those messages.

'Jenny' is definitely a firm favourite with me, although as I write this, and need to break the news to you, I am sort of wondering about my own mentality.
Jenny is a 'werewolf hunting eight year old!'. And as far as role models for my daughter is concerned, up against Peppa Pig, and Holly from 'Ben & Holly' I can't help but promote Jenny!

The books are marketed as suitable for children aged 5 upwards. And I think as children develop reading skills these would be great as the rhyme keeps the momentum and page turning.

At three (near four) I think they are great for Squeaks. She loves them, completely milks choosing which book she would like as her bed time read (whilst I'm pushing 'Jenny' under her nose), and as I'm not particularly enamored with the fact she has discovered Horrid Henry at her nanna's flat (and is blaming everything on Jack Frost) I figure this is my response. If she wants bugs and fighting (werewolves) she can happily have these books!

Disclosure: We received these three books for the purposes of the review. All views contained are our own.

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