Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Toddler beds- another milestone

From cots to toddler beds

As I sat rocking back and forth on Saturday I concluded I had only one option.

The boys’ naptime has been thrown into disarray of late.

Mornings see me waking up to find a little boy stood giggling at the side of my bed.

And a stair gate at their door simply meant being woken up as it was rattled with gusto.

Tired little boys by 5pm suffering because they hadn’t had their nap.

Grisly parents who have missed out on a few extra zzzz’s in the morning and down time in the afternoon.

Oh yes, the boys perfected the ‘escaping the cot’ routine.

Cheeky had it sussed before Christmas, and Tiny used to stand in his cot grumbling.

We tried taking the sides of the cots off then.

But four hours into bedtime I had enough and they went back on.

We lowered the cots a bit further and swopped them over.

And for some reason that put an end to it.

But then Tiny learned to escape.

And of course he thought it was hysterical.

Especially because it was not Cheeky grumbling.

But then last week they both perfected it.

And it was bedlam.

Because of course they can’t get back into a cot.

But they can empty the contents of their cupboard and wardrobe.

So, Mr J went out with all three to buy a cot bed to match the one Squeaks had.

And I dismantled the cots, child proofed the room.

And all three had a few hours being monkeys.

Jumping on the beds.

Tempting twins to sleep in beds

And bedtime was exciting.

And because they hadn’t had their nap they went to sleep easily.

And slept through.

And my child proofing didn’t work.

So by 9am the cupboards were empty.

But we had sleep.

Sleeping toddler twins

So now we need to figure out if they are giving up their afternoon naps.

Because those little monkeys come back to play at naptime!


  1. The Big Bed change over! Sounds like it went pretty well though?! I was not so brave and only changed one over at a time (they were quite happy with the set up). It really makes them seem so much bigger doesn't it!?

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