Monday, 1 April 2013

A Pirate's Birthday Party

Squeaks turned 4 and celebrated with a Pinterest inspired birthday party.

It was fantastic.
Everything came together just right.
I am so glad we made the choice.
I know I did Squeaks proud.
I know she loved every moment.

The week before was spent doing little bits of preparation.
From saltdough name tags, to sweeties filled treasure chests, buried treasure cakes, boats on jelly, and pirate cakes.

We managed to do strawberries and grapes, and cheese and pineapple on swords.
Cannon balls aka maltesers and cheese balls.
Dynamite sticks aka chocolate fingers.
And mini-boats aka sausages with pirate flags.
Pirate party
Pirate party
Pirate party
Of course I didn't leave long enough on the day to get sorted.
With mum and dad away, Mr J and I tried to do everything ourselves.
Which of course meant we did that thing (which we'll never do again!) of saying "No, of course we don't need any help".
So, Squeaks and I went to set up the room- which meant rearranging all the tables and chairs (which of course I hadn't scheduled into my fantastic time plan).
So we didn't end up with cakes on cake stands, and we didn't have any room decor.

But I like to think we had fab food.
Of course I decided to cater for a lot more people than RSVP-ed, I'm not really sure why.
But I'd rather there be too much.
Pirate party

And everything seemed to go in equal measure. Although there weren't any candy necklaces left for me.
Pirate Party
And the birthday cake was a hit. Despite Squeaks changing her mind a million times after we chose it, she loved it!
Pirate Party Cake
And any face painter than can get a two year to stay still long enough and still have such a smile on their face!
Pirate Birthday Party face painting
And what party would be complete without 'Gangnam Style'?
Pirate birthday party

My beautiful daughter is 4.
My heart runneth over.

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