Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Back to work yuckiness

I did something odd in March, I had a week off, had a week in work, and then had another week off.

And my week in work was a four day week, and those four days were all focused on getting a proposal in on time, so it was a bit of a bubble having only one focus.

It made me feel like I had been off forever as I woke on Monday to my 5am alarm.

It was a wonderful feeling, as short lived as it was.

Because of course you go into work and realise how out of touch you are, how behind schedule you are, and how much you have to catch up on.
It's not just the three weeks, my single-focused project means I haven't really been doing my day job since February.
The same as happens with migraines, the worst thing about my job is that no-one picks the work up for you when you're off, the emails are all there, the meetings have been postponed, and everything is then added to your day job.

So, I spent Monday in meetings, my journey to and from London writing papers for a meeting, a meeting where the papers should have been sent out last week.
I spent Tuesday trying to catch up with the project which is 50% ish of my work, and then spent the evening writing papers for another meeting, a meeting where the papers should have been sent out last week.
I spent this morning writing up performance plans, which should have been submitted in March, ready for the first quarter reviews, which take place tomorrow.
The alarm is set for 5am for another trip to London.

On the plus, I had this afternoon off, I took my gorgeous children to see Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Live.
And it was so good to relive a little bit of how I spent last week.

And now, when I should be in bed I'm writing this post, because I love my blog, and hate neglecting it.
But between trying to be with my children and catching up with work, all my little ideas for my blog are parked.
I have a fab idea, I hope it works, I need to spend some time on it, but I think it could be the answer to what I needed a couple of years ago.
I just need some time to work on it.

So, I hope, by the time I get home from London tomorrow night, that I have caught up on all my work stuff. That I don't feel so out of touch. And out of control.
And that I can reunite with my blog.
And have a wonderful family filled weekend.

Sweet dreams x


  1. Bless you, you seem to take on so much with family and your job. I hope you feel back in the driving seat soon and are able to let us know what is in store on the blog?

  2. You will do, you seem to have a really good balance.


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