Saturday, 13 April 2013

Home security with WatchBot - a review

Just over four years ago we were burgled.
I was seven months pregnant, and we had just started buying things for our new arrival.
The feelings that you have when you are burgled are unquantifiable. The feelings of intrusion, that bar trying to sell you house there's no option but to find a way through.

We were fortunate to an extent. Someone was apprehended. They couldn't be charged for the burglary, there was nothing to link them to our house, but they were caught in receipt of stolen goods.

The original link was made because they were caught on CCTV at 3am using my credit card. I found out as I was cancelling my cards when waiting for the police to arrive. It led to the individual's home being searched and many of our possessions being returned- I remember being asked to identify what was ours, turning the Tom Tom on and pressing 'home' for it to come up with our address.

The difference CCTV makes is etched on my mind.

Which is why reviewing the WatchBot really appealed to me.
Installing CCTV has always seemed a bit too far a stretch, it's so easy to give into every concern.
The WatchBot, to me, is such a great medium, which comes with lots of other benefits from a family security perspective.
The WatchBot is quite a funky little family friend.
It works via your modem, and in a home security setting has motion detection, night visibility, and records footage.
You can access from your laptop, tablet or smart phone.
And, for when you're away from home, not only do you have access but you can also set up your emails so you receive an email if motion is detected.

And of course, when you take into account these functions, you can imagine the same applies as a parent to babies or toddlers. We relied a lot on a video monitor when the children were babies which suddenly packed in. The benefit of WatchBot is that it fits into modern life, there's no need for two units, that rather than having a unit in the lounge you can use the devices (the mobile phone, the tablet, or the laptop) you probably have to hand.

So, how does the WatchBot work?
It sounds twee, but actually installation was really straightforward.
The first thing I did was see how it would work in my office.
In my world, should we ever be so unfortunate as to burgled twice, the office would be stumbled upon.
I plugged the WatchBot in and connected the WatchBot to the modem.
I installed the software on my laptop and was away.
I was so impressed.
You can control the WatchBot from your media device!
And so, even if there is nothing going on, you can control the WatchBot to be assured of this.

You can take video and captures really easily, and this was all done without me applying any real brain power.
I have to admit to really putting off this bit, I thought it might get technical, but all of this was completed without any hesitation or calling upon Mr J for support. (The first three pictures are me capturing my laptop, the fourth image is what my laptop captures directly)

And then it gets a little bit better, because of course the WatchBot connect to the Wi-Fi so you can quite happily move the WatchBot to different rooms (for us the importance of the room the boys sleep in) and have all of the same functionality, with the added benefit of operating the two-way chat functionality.
I was really impressed by how easy the WatchBot was to operate.
I am so put off by anything remotely associated with technology, but to me this was completely user-friendly.

The greatest benefit to me was the multi-functionality, that you can use it for home security and for family-security, that we can use this as a toddler-monitoring support or as a home security device.

The WatchBot does have lots of online support, I didn't need it for the initial set-up, I did use it for setting up the Wi-Fi operation having not linked the modem to anything but laptops before.

The WatchBot is quite expensive in my mind, at £200 however, when considering the cost of a good quality baby video monitor is over £100, and the longer term, wider use of the WatchBot, it does offer value for money. As a home security device again, this is a great solution and much more cost effective than considering installing a CCTV system.

Overall I'm really impressed with the WatchBot. As a home security device it is spot on, giving the reassurance that you can put this in the same room as your valuables or just common entry routes.
As a parent, it gives the additional benefit of leaving in a room with your children to be assured of their sleep, to offer a two-way chat should it be needed.
I like the fact that when we're away, if we want, we can check up quickly on the home to give reassurance.

Disclaimer:  We recieved a WatchBot for the purposes of this review. All views contained are our own and have not been directed.


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