Friday, 26 April 2013


I couldn't bring myself to input recently to a conversation on the amount of housework which goes on in our home.

I said to a friend recently that our house may be clean but it's definitely not tidy.

I am left wondering.

Like many, the kitchen and the bathroom are priorities where cleaning is concerned.

Our laundry is done over the weekend.
But without the intervention of an iron.
My mum has already (subtly) suggested this needs to change.
For all of us.
How come boys look great in shirts. Which need ironing.
My favourite tops. Need ironing.
I am putting it off until Squeaks starts school in September.
So there.

Polishing shoes.
I am so aware we should do this.

Tidying up.
This is my domain.
Living by the mantra "A place for everything and for everything in its place."
Which Mr J doesn't.
So we have the frequent conversation of where things were last seen.
Common sense need not apply.

I wonder about housework.
The state of the house is the reason we don't have an open house.
Like others (I convince myself) that we do more cleaning in the lead up to guests visiting than we do  in the previous month.

But when I am meant to do it?
At work?
When spending valued time with the children?
When I want to be blogging?
When I'm taking time out?

I reassure myself that guests mainly see our house in a good state.
Family see the hall and lounge, they may be brave and use the bathroom.

We will pay more attention when Squeaks is in school.
We will pay more attention when all three have fled the nest.

Until then we will enjoy their company.

The housework can wait.

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  1. The housework will always be there, but your children won't be children for long!!
    My guests take me as they find me... or not at all. I far prefer spending time with my little ones than cleaning behind the couch. My house is lived in!

    I have nominated you on my blog (


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