Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Keeping up with the gardening

So, things seem to be getting competitive at the Johnson's.
Although I think the competition is against chaos, disorder and nature.

I posted a little while ago about us starting gardening.
I think, if I were to rate it I'd say we had a 75% success rate.

Around the house we are growing sweet peas, sunflowers, asparagus, peppers, lettuce, spring flowers, morning glory, an apple tree and, Mr J's pride and joy, chili.

What are the lessons learned? Don't leave plants in the reach of children and don't expect flowers to keep their heads.

The cress was a quick win, the strawberries came into contact with toddlers, and the daffodils were beheaded (by all three little people thinking they would cheer mummy up).

There's so much enthusiasm to water the plants each morning and to see how everything is growing, that I couldn't stop myself from getting some new ideas at B&Q.
I wanted to stay with the idea of the little people getting longer term payback for their efforts, so we went with mushrooms, strawberries, basil and oregano.
Mushrooms were on recommendation.
Strawberries are the favourite fruit with all three at the moment (closely followed by bananas, I don't think a a banana tree is on the cards). Fortunately, B&Q had great planters which hang from fences- preventing the little people offering their ongoing support.
And herbs, well, I would love to grow herbs well.
Fortunately we had great weather which meant the boys could get really involved with preparing the mushroom compost and preparing the strawberry planter.
We'll see in a few weeks time if we're eating the growing veggies, growing our new seedlings, and maybe, investing in some more of the ideas B&Q have on hand.

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  1. Lovely! Mushrooms is a good idea. We grow our strawbs in hanging baskets because we've got a small garden. Just planted sweetpeas, nasturtium (to eat), mint and basil - roll on summer!


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