Thursday, 18 April 2013

'Managing' the unplanned

I know I seem to be going on about work a lot lately.
In fairness it seems to take up over half of my life.

And yesterday morning I stood in the shower, at 05.15 trying to figure out what to do for the best.
Mr J had been up most of the night "poorly".
I knew, he doesn't do ill quietly.

And therein was the dilemma... the ultimatum.

"Your husband, the carer of your children is ill."
"Your children all need to be at playschool by 0915."
"You need to be on the 0624 from Cardiff."
"Your have two board meetings today. Your board meetings."
Mr J understood the importance. Fortunately.
I might have to come home and cancel my following day's meetings, but it was agreed.

At 0715 I got the text that his situation wasn't improving.

And so, my amazing mum stepped up.

The lady opposite me on the train was nearly wetting herself.
(I always try to be inconspicuous when listening in on someone else's phone calls).

"Mum, Mr J's ill."
"What's wrong with him."
"Well... he's ill."
"What's wrong with him."
"I'm on the train to London." (Do all of the passengers really want to know?).
"Oh." (I heard the penny drop).
"The thing is, he's not up to anything, and I wondered, hoped, that you might be able to go round and help him... maybe take the little people to playschool."
"Well, yes, I can. But I haven't had a shower yet, and I might be late, what happens then."
"Well, they'll just have to be late for nursery".
(The lady across from me is now laughing).
"Well, will you want me to pick them up and have them this afternoon?"
"Well, I don't know if Mr J will be better, but it would be great if that was a possibility."
"Well, the thing is, I'm picking S and C up from school. And we're going out with Mark tonight."
"That's fine mum, Mr J will make it work, and I'll come home later, it'll be fine."
By the time I spoke to her during a break. She had found her way to playschool, dropped them off, and was having a coffee. After which she'd was picking the boys up and would have them overnight.
Until I got home as soon as I could this afternoon.

I know Mr J and I can cope.
I know we'd have found a way through it.

But, my mum,
My mum just makes everything work.

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