Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Parenting fails- overcoming the dummy

I can finally write this post.
It's not as complete as I would like.
I took a week of work at the start of April to try and put right a lot of my parenting wrongs.
I only managed one.
But it's done.

My daughter turned 4 still having a dummy at night.
Of course four years ago I never thought that would be the case.

Having two brothers having dummies at night added to her excuses and my reluctance.

Having sleep filled nights added to my reluctance.

I booked a week off work with the simple mission of righting parenting wrongs.
As it was the week before we had a dental appointment and the dentist picked up on the fact dummies were a factor in our home life- whilst teeth are perfect this had to be overcome.
As someone who had braces for sucking my finger I know that it is worth getting this right rather than orthodontist appointments into teenage years.

Of course it helped telling my mum and the dentist that we would be stopping the dummies the following week.
If you say it out loud you're only letting people down if you don't do it.
Well, that's how my head works.

As it was, it was how everyone promised it would be.
The first night was really difficult.
It literally was waiting for the exhaustion of energy.
For the tears and tantrums to lessen to sleep.
And that there is no pacification which can be offered whatsoever.

Night 2, there was a fight, but a lesser fight.

Nights 3 and 4, there was a request.

In all cases, there was sleep, and unbroken sleep.

It is just the getting off to sleep part that was the struggle.

I don't feel brave enough to overcome all of our parenting fails.
And I don't have the strength to put them all right in the week.
But we can start working on them, get the thoughts in heads.
And overcome them one by one.


  1. Well done you, getting rid of the dummy must be one of the hardest parenting issues I'd imagine? I'm fortunate (?) that The Boy never took to one (I say fortunate, there were times I wished he would!). I was adamant he wouldn't have one, colleagues bought me both a cherry and orthodontic dummy, I tried him when he was a lazy feeder (he'd latch on for comfort and then fall asleep), but he had no idea what to do and would shake it out of his mouth in disgust.

    And one step at a time, you're a good mum, we all have little screw-ups.

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