Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Project #365 - Week 15

Ok, so I haven't got back on track completely, playing a little bit of catch-up!

So, what was last week about?
Last week was Squeaks going back to school after a three week break.
And more difficult to adjust, the boys starting playschool three mornings a week.
I suspect that's why they feature in the majority of my photos, I've missed them being around.

Sunday: even when upset Tiny's eyes seem so blue.
Monday: enjoying Fab ice-lollies.
Tuesday: Upgrading from the child's seat to the grown-up seat for the school run.

Wednesday: An afternoon off to see Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Live.
Thursday: My photo of the week. After too many years I opened the blinds in the office. Only to discover (due to my lack of spacial awareness) we overlook the underground station.
Friday: Enjoying the remaining Easter Eggs.
Saturday: Happy smiley Tiny- the contrast to the start of the week.

(Oh, and if you're wondering why the boys look permanently shattered- of course they've now given up on afternoon naps.... Send more chocolate!).

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  1. i hope that despite the high prices that Ben and Holly live was good, i really enjoy watching that cartoon possibly more than the boys do lol
    and uh oh to the no more nap time - eeeeek x x

  2. What an amazing view from the office window, those arches are fabulous. Hope you enjoyed Ben & Holly? I did want to take him but it was a Wednesday - work day.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  3. great pictures, I so love joshua having an afternoon nap! .. sending cyber chocolate :-)

  4. What a treat for them to see Ben and Holly - I'm sure they had a great time! No more nap times - poor you!

  5. Eek no naps!! I remember the days well. Hoping bella keeps sleeping for a little longer!


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