Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Simply Swim- A Review

Squeaks is a complete water baby. Which is odd as she didn't start swimming regularly until we moved to South Wales. She took to it like a duck to water (boom boom), so much so that last September she started swimming lessons.

Squeaks is a now a strong, confident swimmer. She has quickly learned to swim under water and dive for her favourite water toys. Her latest trick is to do forward rolls in the water, neither Mr J nor I have figured out how she got the knack of this.

When Simply Swim offered Squeaks and I the opportunity to review their swimwear, I was over the moon. We left it too late to buy a swimsuit before Squeaks swimming classes and ended up with one that has fast faded and looks tired.

Squeaks and I took our time reviewing the website. There is so much choice, especially for girls, and whilst I had my heart set on Squeaks having one of the gorgeous Zoggs swim dresses:
Squeaks was showing her usual determination. Squeaks selected a Speedo swimsuit, to make her "the fastest swimmer in the world". Her compromise was she chose blue- "because it's mummy's favourite colour". I opted for age 6, predicting the age 4 would be too small as she is already growing out of her 4 year old clothes. The age 6 is probably a great fit for a 6 year old, giving lots of growing room for my 4 year old, but as a swimsuit is perfect.
Squeaks loves her swimsuit, she associates the back with the 'go faster' swimsuits she sees at the swimming pool.

The Simply Swim website also stocks all the swimming games which has made Squeaks so confident in the pool. Squeaks has the Zoggs dive sticks, seal flips, and diving rings, all of which make practicing more enjoyable.

My choice showed a little compromise with Squeaks, I went for navy- "So we can match".
I am not a confident a swimmer, neither am I happy about doning a swimsuit since having children.
I was over the moon to find the variety of legsuits on offer. I had a Speedo legsuit after Squeaks and love it but it is four years on.
This time I opted for Zoggs Legsuit, it is a different fitting, and feels more secure at the top, whilst I find comfort in wearing a legsuit (I can't explain why, but if I could get away with wearing a wetsuit I probably would).
I'm not about to put a photo up of me wearing the suit, but I hope you can gather from the image that it is a great suit for holding everything together! And if I carry one of the boys across my stomach even better!

The best thing about the Simply Swim site is that it offers so much variety, from styles to colours, and at competitive prices. The website takes away the trauma of discovering a favourite style and never being able to find it again, or trying to find swimwear out of season, but especially it's great for finding a compromise with a strong willed child!

Disclosure: We received a ladies swimsuit and a child's swimsuit for the purposes of this review. All views contained are our own.

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