Monday, 22 April 2013

The boys at 27 months

The question of which is your favourite child is a frequent joke in our house.
As it's such a contentious question Mr J stepped up to the plate.
Even before the boys were born, it was probably just after we decided on names Mr J decided which would be his favourite.

As it turns out, it's an impossible task to remain faithful to having a favourite child.
Each one tugs at your heart in such a different way.
The boys now go to playschool three mornings each week, one morning they go without their big sister.
When you ask them each morning who wants to go to playschool Tiny is the first to shout "Me, me". Cheeky just looks at me, and I know as soon as he can string a sentence together his words will be "five more minutes?".

As we drove home from grandma's tonight, we drove past the park up the road from our house.
"Park, park" shouted Cheeky.
It wasn't an option, it was tea time.
As I walked Cheeky to the front door to turn back for Tiny, Cheeky threw himself down on the floor- lying flat.
As they started tantrums so early on, they are perfecting them now.
Having completely missed this with Squeaks I am at a bit of a loss.
Apart from completely relating to this course of action- if I could...!

The boys are soooo good at goodnight kisses.
They find it funny to make me run back and forth around their beds whilst they demand "one more".
It's the thing I probably miss most when I'm away (alongside bedtime stories "in your head" with Squeaks).

The boys are exceptionally good at sharing.
It may not be true on every occasion.
But they always catch me unawares with how considerate they can be.
Even with chocolate.
And it's completely rubbed off on Squeaks, who understands that she can't have her own things if she doesn't want the same rule to apply to the boys' toys. Even so far as they helped her open her birthday presents.
And they share chocolate, despite it being a much loved rarity.

Even now they can still have 'drunk' eyes, the ones babies perfect as they guzzle milk. The boys still have it when they've been without milk for a while, and with chocolate.

The boys are now loving nursery rhymes. They sing them after snacks at playschool.
When they started there they loved 'twinkle twinkle', their repertoire has extended to include "Miss Polly had a Dolly" (they love the "rat-a-tat-tat" bit), "The Wheels on the Bus" and "The Grand Old Duke of York".
Like Squeaks did, they have now learned the "Please and thank you" song, without fully understanding singing this doesn't automatically result in a glass of milk, banana and toast- like it does at playschool.
Since moving into beds, the boys have truly come into their own as masters of destruction.
Nothing is safe in their room.
I tried a box of toys as a distraction. It lasted a week.
Emptying their cupboard and climbing inside is the best thing ever.
Closely followed by taking out wet wipes and nappy bags one-by-one, and strewing them all over the floor.
And if that hasn't woken anyone up they turn to the beds themselves, lifting the mattresses off and playing 'peek-a-boo' or moving the beds closer to the cupboard or window sill to enable climbing.

This is the thing with twins.
They always have a 'partner in crime'.
There is always someone on hand to help out.
Someone to laugh with, someone to make cry.
Someone to scram (with nails mummy hasn't cut [again]), and someone to kiss better.

I am amazed at how well they keep the other company.
Which is not something to take foregranted, the moment you do is when chaos ensues.

Whilst they do not have much of the independence that Squeaks did.
They do have socialisation skills which Squeaks missed.

It is impossible not to compare.
And it is amazing when you do.
So many strengths which come from parenting one child are lacking.
So many strengths which come with having parents and siblings are gained.

Life really is swings and roundabouts.
"My heart runneth over"
Always the phrase most closely linked to my children.

dear beautiful


  1. Oh my gosh, that comment about it being impossible to stay faithful to having a favourite is SO true. In any one moment I am convinced that the child I'm currently dealing with is perfection itself and that I must like this one a teeny bit more, and just like that it flips.
    I think it must be so lovely to be a twin and have someone to share everything with. What an absolute blessing. x

  2. Popping over from the linky, I always wondered how it would be to have twins,i think your post sums up some the bones of it well lol i have 4 myself with 2 being only 15 months apart and they could sometimes be a handful, but they played so nicely together ans still doe sometimes x


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