Thursday, 4 April 2013

Why this just might be our forever home

The idea of a 'forever home' was new to me till recently.
In saying that my parents still live in the home we moved into when I was two.
I moved out aged 20. And probably moved every year until I was 28.
I learned that you can make anywhere a home.
The southern most point of mainland Wales
When we moved to South Wales it was to be nearer to my parents.
We couldn't afford anywhere nearby, and started exploring the surrounding areas.
I would never have thought of moving to where we are.
It is too far away from the nearest city for my liking.
And yet, as always for me, at least you feel like you are going home.

Mr J fell in love with the garden and the view.

And these are the things that will mean we can't move away.
I joke about the things I would like if we had options.
From a double garage to a swimming pool.
And from living in a larger house we both know it is simply space to fill with junk.

Every time we talk about ever having a different home.
We think about what we overlook.
And between the view and the garden, we can't think of anywhere which could compete.
Unless a lottery win came into play.
And we'd have to start doing the lottery for that to happen.

As it is we have the space we need.
We have enough bedrooms should the boys decide they don't want to share.
We have space for a toys, space for an office.
And we have a fantastic garden.

And as if that is a great argument for staying put.
It only gets better.
We overlook a nature reserve.
We are fortunate to be able to say that our view will not be interrupted by buildings.
That we have a footpath from the house that leads us to the sea.
And that the children have this on their doorstep to enjoy.

 I never thought I'd have a forever home.
That if we need to move we can and will.

But today, I can't think of any reason which would ever make us want to move.


  1. How lovely to have easy access to all that beautiful scenery, I wish we had our forever home but sadly no.

  2. Beautiful. I live at the most South West point of Wales. It is my forever County, however I'm yet to find (afford!) my forever home xxx

  3. If you're where I think you are that's a real lovely part of the world! Not too far from us too I think :)

  4. I'd like to think that this is our forever home, but I'm not enamoured with the street. I tend to just close the front door and ignore them, but it does concern me for when The Boy is older.


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