Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A Family Affair

Some posts start off somewhere in your head, and as you explore them the tangents are too many to explore.

Sometimes time escapes you. Sometimes you think it's not been so long, and then you realise it's been too long.

A couple of things really then:
My brother hasn't met two of my three children.
My children are not yet Christened.

From a day to day, living perspective they're both quite inconsequential.
The latter is related to the former and out of our control.

My older brother.
It's an odd one really.
My older brother went away to uni, so we never got to know each other as people.
He never returned home.
And after a few years of graduating got a job which means he seems to work between Thailand and Hong Kong.
But it's like everything. I can talk about my brother as I wish, but you can't, he's my brother.
To me this picture says it all. Yes, mums of twins, you can fret about dressing your twins alike, but how many parents do you know who dress their siblings the same. There's hope for us all!

So then there's the news.
My older brother will be home for the first time since we've moved to Wales, my younger brother got married the weekend we moved to Wales.
And so, we might be able to get the children christened.
Of course it's not that straightforward, my brother's returning home at the same time as the new Reverend is due to start with our Parish.

Whichever way life takes us, July will see a celebration, which I'm trying to plan, despite the number of unknowns.

Whether we have a belated celebration for all that my brother has missed- both me and my little brother have found ourselves other halves, my little brother is now the most amazing step-parent, I've added two more to our brood, and both my parents have retired, and my mum turned 60.

And what would a celebration hold, well could I plead a new outfit for me! I seem to buy clothes and wear them for years, or buy clothes for work and resent wearing them socially. Would it raise so many eyebrows for a Peter Som dress to end up in my wardrobe, I have a daughter- she'd inherit it one day.
Of course, then of course there's outfits for the little people.
At two and four years we can't opt for the traditional Christening gown, but then life takes me back to the reason I wanted my children christened together- because that's how my parents did it. And with a five year span between my older and younger brother we definitely weren't in Christening gowns.
Maybe I should dig out those photographs!

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