Saturday, 11 May 2013

Getting the windows clean with a Karcher Window Vac

We are fortunate enough to live in a house with fantastic view.
We are fortunate enough to live in a house with children who like to put their sticky finger prints on windows, and cats who like to paw at the french windows to let us know they'd like to come in.
Our eye is often taken off the view for the dirt that catches the eye.

When Karcher offered us the chance to review their WV60 Window Vac Mr J jumped at the chance.

When we lived on the boat we invested in a Karcher pressure washer to keep our white roof clean. When we moved into a house Mr J used it to keep the paving stones clean as the chickens made such a mess. We had so much use of the pressure washer Mr J was happy to step up to the challenge as to whether all Karcher products offer good quality.
As soon as the Window Vac arrived Mr J set off to work.
I would guess the upstairs windows haven't been cleaned since we moved here 18 months ago, and as always where the downstairs windows are in the reach of children they couldn't be described as clean.

On opening the box you would probably be forgiven by being put off by the instruction manual. Fortunately Mr J applied common sense with a quick flick and the window vac was on charge and the cleaning product ready to go.

Karcher describes the WV 60 Window Vac as "the new time saving way to tackle windows, shower screens, mirrors, spills and even condensation."

Mr J in a generous mood set to work on the office window. Hopefully the first two windows show the extent to which the rain had built up dirt marks on the window. I was amazed that on Mr J's first attempt he managed to get a streak free clean.
The knack seems to be in applying the vac which a consistent action to prevent streaking and some effort does need to be applied in the first case to remove the dirt.
Based on his success downstairs, Mr J set out to show off his talents on the dirtier upstairs windows.
And it made a world of difference in appreciating the view.
As added value use, we've also been a bit lazy and used the Window Vac to clean the walls in the hall... where the children have taken crayons into their own hands.
And the added plus has been how often the Vac's been used to clean up spills as the boys sometimes get a bit excited that they're allowed cups from time to time.

Mr J hasn't found any bad points with the Vac around the house. And I've loved having streak free clean windows.
At a retail price of £79.99 it might seem an expensive purchase. You'd probably find you'd quickly spend this money on a window cleaner, and at a time when we've had to budget this seems a much better approach  to ensuring our windows are clean on an ongoing basis.
Having the reassurance of knowing how good are previous (very expensive) Karcher purchase was it gives confidence that this is money well spent.
I like the wet vac as we do have children who spill things, being able to use the Vac for this purpose is an added bonus.

Disclosure: We were given a Karcher WV60 Window Vac for the purposes of this review. We were not directed what to include and all views contained are our own.


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