Friday, 31 May 2013

Having a dog for Christmas?

Our pets- Miller, Fred and Ginger were part of our family before our children arrived.
And everyone has just got on with each other.

Miller was protective of both bumps, seemingly knowing how precious they were.
Once Squeaks was born he became the protector.
Never too far away from her, always on guard, suspicious of anyone who stepped too close.

Miller knows boundaries. Whilst he and Mr J play quite roughly he has always known that I'm just here for affection. With Squeaks, he has always looked out for her, and never shown anything other than affection.

The other evening Squeaks was pulling the cat's tail, continually, Fred got annoyed and the claws came out.
Squeaks was inconsolable. She could not fathom it.
She knows her boundaries with the boys. They will all retaliate, apologise, play, fight, retaliate...
No matter how much she antagonises Miller he will just accept it.

And when I look back at photos from Yorkshire, you can see the bond everywhere in our everyday life.
Every day this week, it being half term, the morning has started the same. Squeaks gets up and closes our bedroom door, so the boys don't know where mummy is.
Squeaks can now open the gate to the boys' room.
And they spend the next half hour playing back and forth across bedrooms.
Their play of choice is pretending to be dogs.
"Fluffy", "Isabelle" and "Daddy". The random names given.
And it sounds like the best game ever.

Mr J and I have been discussing whether Squeaks is old enough for a pet.
I remember as a young child we had hamsters, and gerbils. And onto rabbits, and then to a cat.
But we didn't have any pets to start.
Squeaks shows so much affection to everyone, and loves Fred, Ginger and Miller.

And so we're wondering.
At a time when our holidays will need to change to term time.
And our choice of holiday will change again.
Should we think of giving Squeaks her wish?
"Dotty the Dog"

It's so tempting.
Seeing how much our pets bring to our family.
And wondering how a pet they nurture will fit into our family.

Do we start with a less reliant pet?
Or one to keep Miller company?
I am thinking a Prince Charles Spaniel.
So Miller, as a cocker spaniel, doesn't feel challenged.

But is this too early?
Are our little people too young?
Watch this space!

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