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Monday's Multiple Mum- 3 Kids and a Gluestick #MMM

I'm so excited, today's Multiple Mum is one of the mums I watched from a far (do I sound like proper stalker material?).
Jo is a mum of 5 year old twins, and as a mum of newborns on the TAMBA forums, Jo was one of the pro's- the parents who asked questions about parenting that made you confident that you would get through the early days as there were other challenges on the horizon.
Jo blows things out of the water a little bit more by being a homeschooler. With a fantastic blog- 3kidsandagluestick - does anything sum up parenting better!

So, without further ado, here's Monday's Mum:
I am Jo, married to Gordon. We live in Surrey and have 3 kids; 5.5 year old g/b twins, Jasmine and Thomas, and our youngest Ben who was 3 in February.
We home educate and I blog about our days of messy play, craft and learning at

What was your reaction to finding you were going to be a mum of multiples?
It is a long time ago now so I can’t really remember! But I do remember I’d been having these weird thoughts as I got closer and closer to my 12 week scan about going back into work and announcing we were having twins, so I don’t think I was too surprised to be honest. As the pregnancy progressed I became more and more aware of what it meant.. 2 babies.. wow!

What did you want to know?
From the moment I found out I was pregnant I really wanted a home birth so I wanted to know if this would still be possible (no was the answer I was given even at that early stage)

I also wanted to know (I’d even go so far as to say needed to know!) the sex of the babies so I could plan!

Other than that it was just practical stuff that I guess any first time parent wants to know; what pram/pushchair should we get, what car seat etc.

What was the best piece of advice you received when you were pregnant?
Sleep when the babies sleep!

What support networks do you use?
I am very lucky to have an amazing mum and Mother-in-Law who came and stayed with me when Gordon was at work for the first 5 months after having the twins. My mum covered weekends and Gordon’s mum came in the week (Gordon works shifts) Their help was invaluable.

I also joined TAMBA and used the message boards a lot, especially as Jasmine and Thomas became toddlers.

These days I use Facebook. I have a lot of multiple mummy friends online that I have known for years now and whenever I need help, advice or just a chat someone will be around to listen, help out and understand.

I also have a couple of good multiple mummy friends locally and we try and meet up as often as possible to have a coffee and chat. Having twins is such a unique experience it really is true that there are some things only another multiple mummy will understand!

How was your pregnancy?
I am not one of these people who “blooms” in pregnancy unfortunately. I was tired and uncomfortable most of the time. I had gestational diabetes so had to watch what I ate. I was glad when it was over!

How did labour go?
I had a planned C-section at 38 weeks because T1 was breech and T2 transverse.

How did your other half cope?
He was in shock when we first found out it was twins. He was in shock when they arrived. I think he may finally be coming round now! But he is a brilliant dad!

What are your three best investments for multiples?
As babies: Nipper 360 Double Pushchair
As Toddlers: Tommiguard Twin Reins
Now: Bunk beds!

What have you done as a mum of multiples which you never thought you’d do?
There are a lot of things I have done since having kids that I never thought I’d do but I don’t know if any of them are specifically because of the twins.
I blog, but that is about our home education journey.
I have a weird and wonderful collection of bug “pets”, but that is because Jasmine is bug mad and insists of keeping woodlice, ants and other creepy-crawlies in assorted jars around the house!
I have put trifle ingredients in a Tuff Spot and let the kids play with it, and stayed up until midnight colouring rice for the kids to play with the next day, but that is having 3 young kids not just multiples.

What’s your best piece of advice for the early days?
Sleep when the babies sleep!
Also, take lots of photos.

How has your life changed, now you are a mum of multiples?
Pre kids I worked 9am to 5pm in an office. I drove an Alfa Romeo. I had no idea who Ben & Holly or Justin Fletcher were.

Now I am a full time mummy. I drive a bus (well a Citroen C8) and I have favourite episodes of several kids TV programmes!

Being a mum of boy/girl twins also means I can answer the question “are they identical?” with a straight face these days ;-)

At this age, what are the best things about your multiples?
They are pretty self-sufficient now! I can ask them to do something (get dressed, put shoes on etc) and usually by the 10th time of asking, a count of 3, a 5 minute timer and the threat of a toy being taken away that will do what I have asked! Sometimes they even do it without any of that!
But the point is, when they want to, they CAN do stuff by themselves. And that is a huge thing when you are used to having to do everything x2.

Another great thing about this age is LEGO! LEGO will keep most 5 year olds occupied for a very long time. Sometimes I even get to sit down with a cup of coffee that is still hot, by myself, for more than 5 minutes!

They are also excellent at keeping their younger brother occupied.. this also helps me enjoy my coffee in peace!

What have your multiples done which have made you laugh most?
Oh plenty! As toddlers they were a comedy double act!
I love overhearing their conversations when they think I am not listening, especially the ones that end “quick, mummy’s coming”!!!

What’s your best distraction for avoiding tantrums, arguments and/ or confrontation?
As much as possible I try and let them sort out any arguments between themselves now.
If I do have to intervene and they won’t come to a compromise, if they are squabbling over a toy I set a timer and they take turns of 5 minutes each or I take the toy away from them.

When they were smaller I did buy 2 of the most popular toys!

How has having multiples changed your life for the better?
If I can cope with 2 year old twins and a new baby I can cope with anything, surely?! Except spiders. I will never be able to cope with spiders!

Like last week's mum of multiples I love that Jo had multiples and a singleton (honestly I'm not using this feature to convince Mr J!). I'm so glad someone else loves the Out 'n' About as much as us, and I'm going to look forward to reading Jo's Little Builder link ups!


  1. Crikey I take my hat off to anyone who can cope with more than 1 at a time! Kitty and Ozzy have 13 months between them so I can relate to some of this - especially the 'quick mums coming' or my own fave 'don't tell mummy!'

    Popping over from the Parenting Pin-it Party - have pinned this and followed you, I'm ! x

  2. I have been tweeting with Jo since I found her lovely web site. She is a lovely person to get to know.

  3. What a lovely idea to showcase someone else's blog and how she parents multiples I shall follow you both :) Found you via the Pinterest party, by pinterest ID is (I think - just getting used to it!)

  4. What a lovely post, and glad to hear that Gordon is getting his head around things LOL! I am in awe of Jo. I have a two year old biy and am in a complete panic at how I will manage when number two arrives in 6 weeks. I would have no hope with twins! Lovely post and thanks so much for linking to the Pin It Party. I have pinned and am following :)

  5. Eek, tried to follow but couldn't find you. Could you tweet me your pinterest ID and will follow. I am @jbmumofone or if you want to leave it in a comment at my Pin it Party Post here

  6. What a great post! Always love reading about experiences of other multiple mums. :) A fab mix of things I can relate to and new hints & tips! x

  7. Multiple Mummas rock; especially us that homeschool. We have superpowers ;)


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