Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Our Wedding- Hardcastle Crags

Today is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary.
As I reminisce through wedding photos I can't help but miss the place where we married.
The walk which we looked forward to each Sunday afternoon

One of the most difficult things for us to decide was where to get married.
If we had our way we would have just gone somewhere, with our parents and Squeaks.
Travelling wasn't going to be an option.
So we looked closer to home.

I had decided on Haworth.
Everything nearer to home seemed so 'done'.
And so one afternoon we set off to have a look at some potential venues.
And we both entirely disliked them.

As we drove home Mr J suggested taking some time out at Hardcastle Crags.
To get some air and options.
And as we walked I remembered that Gibson Mill held a license for weddings.

And so we took a look around.
And loved it.

We weren't able to have our reception at the Mill and so another search began.
Between hotels and restaurants we couldn't find anything.
And then we thought of the Fielden Centre.
The perfect space we were looking for.

And, as most couples would go on to say.
We had the most perfect day.
One of the 'downsides' of Gibson Mill was that people had to walk the mile or so to get there.
Fortunately the weather leading up to the day and the day itself was perfect.
And with lots of fizz to meet people on arrival at the Mill we got away with it.
The good weather meant everyone could spend the reception outside overlooking Centre Vale Park.
We had Chinese Lanterns, and I daresay a good many wishes were granted that night.

Little did we know that two little boys had already made there way into our lives.
A fortnight later we returned from honeymoon to a positive pregnancy test.


  1. Oh but that's a lovely tale! What a wonderful wedding venue and so romantic that the little munchkins were found out about soon after.

    1. Thank you. It is so lovely to reminsce. Thank you for your kind comments.

  2. ... and may you have a happy pregnancy!

    1. Not chancing another one :) But it was a great pregnancy!


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