Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Out and about with toddler twins

Sometimes life allows you to experience things you didn't plan.
Sometimes you don't know you need to experience things, that life is good.

Whilst we have a tendency to take Squeaks for time on her own, for swimming lessons, for sleepovers at Grandma & Grampy's, for shopping trips with mummy, and trips to the theatre. We rarely take the boys about and about. We take them to the park and soft play, but not "out out".

We were fortunate to be selected as a QuinnyCaster. And one of the things that motivated me most was seeing how a single pushchair would alter our habits.
We have a great double pushchair: compact, lightweight and able to get through most doorways.
And it's great, the boys are happy to be out and about in it.

But I was really aware of how much we used to let Squeaks be literally 'out and about' from 22 months, that she walked more or less everywhere.
And whilst this was circumstance we don't necessarily let the boys walk as much as they might do if they were singletons- because the chances of two walking in the same direction are... limited...

Yesterday, circumstance meant we took the boys out for the day with one set of reins and one single buggy.
And it was fantastic.

I felt like we got to know the boys even more than we already know them.
Both demonstrated similarities with Squeaks, where I only ever associated Cheeky's behaviour with his big sister.
It transpires when giving one-to-one attention with Tiny and a set of reins- he wants to be the one holding them. Something I constantly competed with Squeaks about. It turns out Tiny is happy to hold hands... as long as he is holding the reins.
Cheeky would rather be in the pushchair- why walk when you can sit? Maybe he's more like his mum than I give him credit for.
Both are little adventurers.
Both so sensitive to their own needs and wants.
Both so eager to make others happy. To make people laugh.
And both so happy when they are laughing.
I have no question that they are the best of friends, there are three best friends, but whatever the mix there is happiness.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Ahhh lovely little moments and fab day! Looks like you all had a brilliant time. I often watch z and my niece being friends and playing together all the time. It's so nice to just observe them

  2. It looks like you had a lovely day with them. I feel a bit like this with our youngest too and one of the sunny evenings last week her and I went a walk down the lane on our own, without daddy or big sister. It was lovely to be just the 2 of us. It is fabulous that you got to just watch them in action and see little new things about them x

  3. What a lovey day! I also try and get one on one time with both of my boys (their sister gets lots of my undivided attention!). It's lovely to chat and get a proper glimpse of their own thoughts and ideas. #CountryKids

  4. You know I think the single buggy idea is great. I don't think I ever thought to try it with the triplets, it was always the triple buggy then nothing. Actually a single buggy for bags and coats and tired legs would have been a great transition for days out. Looks like a beautiful park you were strolling through. Thank you for sharing your buggy discovery on Country Kids.

  5. That is so lovely. It's great to give kids a chance to walk and experience some freedom, but must be so much harder with two little ones together - it's bad enough with three of different ages! Really beatiful photos.

  6. gorgeous pics and such lovely sunshine.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day for so many reasons - it must be nice to have some quality time with just the boys and to see their own little personalities and characters come in to their own. I wart very good at letting B walk when he was younger I would just bundle him into the double buggy with his baby brother to make my life easier. And now Jenson will walk a little way but he prefers to be sat down in the buggy too! Ooops! X

  8. I can't imagine being out and about with twins while I run after my one so it's nice to hear that you are finding your way! It must be lovely discovering their little personalities, the similarities and the differences. My sisters are twins and are like chalk and cheese!


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