Monday, 13 May 2013

Outfits for Blogger Conferences

With Britmums and Cybher on the horizon, alongside nerves my thoughts turn to what to wear.
I know from work that I am a lot better in meetings when I am confident in what I'm wearing.
Likewise I'm a lot better concentrating on an excel spreadsheet when in a hoodie and cords.

Last year at Britmums I was lucky enough to get some fantastic advice on what styles and colours I am better suited. I have tried my best over the past year to take bits of the advice on board.
As someone who has spent the last 25 years predominately in black, the advice not to wear black has been quite difficult to incorporate.
I have really tried when shopping to steer from black and look for colours I can wear confidently.
Although, probably not as planned, I've developed a fondness for navy.

I've also tried to be aware of shapes that suit. To steer away from higher necks, to be aware of waistlines, and to try and stick with tunics and skirts which fall just above the knee.

I would love to find maxi dresses which I feel confident in and flatter my figure. The reality is they don't and sticking with good shapes will hopefully make me feel better in myself.

Wedges remain my heel style of choice, and fortunately this was promoted to me, I just need a few more choices in my wardrobe.

Looking for outfits for two conferences means working with either what already's in the wardrobe or looking at outfits which offer value on a budget. Summer Dresses are a great way to get a value outfit as you're not looking to team a top and trousers, or skirt, and you get the option of being able to change the look completely through accessories in a variety of colours.
I love the idea of teaming these dresses up with red or pink to create a statement piece, and being able to dress up or down with jewellery.

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