Sunday, 5 May 2013

Project #365 - Week 18

So, once again I'm a week behind- we were away last week and I still haven't caught up...
I'm sat here waiting for NHS Direct (or whatever the Welsh equivalent is) to phone back, it pretty much sums up the week.

It did start off really well.
And the weather's fantastic.
So, by no means all bad.

Sunday: away for the weekend, this is my favourite photo. I was really proud of how Tiny handled this climbing frame.

Monday: Squeaks had her face painted.
Tuesday: despite chickenpox the boys still manage to cause chaos.
Wednesday: Squeaks gets poorly too. We assume chickenpox.
Thursday: Miller takes pity on me and helps out with a few calls.
Friday: Squeaks still not 100% so we play with water beads in the garden.
Saturday: Seemingly better, Squeaks enjoys lunch with her Nana Windows.

 So, Squeaks is ill, fever, coughing, and more- no sign of chickenpox... but absolutely poorly.

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  1. Oh no lovely I am so sorry that you have had so much illness in your house. poor Squeaks - I hope that he NHS direct hurry up and help you get her a diagnosis allowing her to soon get better.
    The photo of Tiny is. A great action shot - those rope bridges are tricky to manage even for a big person like me x

  2. ooohhh dear not a good week, well doen Tiny, great achievement, and I really like the face painting.


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