Sunday, 19 May 2013

Project #365 - Week #20

What a week! It's been a mix of everything.
We've had great weather. We've had rain.
We've had fun indoors and fun outdoors.
I had meetings cancelled and only one day in London.
Squeaks finally gave in to Chickenpox and whereas the boys just seemed to take it as another challenge, Squeaks has really struggled with some painful spots. Only to be overheard in her room this morning showing off all her spots to the boys!

As always the little people have amazed me with their love, happiness, and good nature.
Squeaks use of the word "actually" never fails to raise a smile, and hearing "Well, mummy I need to tell you I'm very cross, and I may be a little bit angry with you" has reminded me I may need a new approach.
That alongside the fact Tiny seems to like going to the naughty step for a bit of time out.

The boys have made us laugh so much. We have now concluded that s's are a difficult sound, so whilst Cheeky calls Tiny by name, Tiny has named Cheeky 'Brother' if asked to say his name.

So, here are some of our moments:

Sunday: The outfit of choice for going scootering.
Monday: Enjoying a spin.
Tuesday: Watering the dog.
Wednesday: Playing with a cardboard box.
Thursday: The arrival of Spring.
Friday: Playtime with Grampy.
Saturday: Exploring the newly painted playhouse.

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  1. Hope you're enjoying the Quinny casting! Kids can be like little parrots can't they? Z has taken to telling is he's not our friend anymore after learning it from my niece!

  2. Wow love the playhouse! Th children will have so much fun with that. Sorry about the chicken pox although it sounds like she is coping well with it now. And I know what you mean about children copying what we say - I have has that thrown back at me lots of times and like you it has made me think about what and how I say some things x

  3. The playhouse is gorgeous. The dog is very patient by the looks of things. Hoping the pox doesn't last long.

  4. That is one amazing playhouse. I love the watering the dog photo.

  5. What a fantastic play house, I bet they get a lot of fun from that? Love the scooting outfit and the Spring shot.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365

  6. love the scooter outfit and watering the dog they made me laugh!

  7. Let's hope the Chicken Pox pass quickly! The newly painted playhouse is lovely as is the picture of them all playing with Grampy.

  8. poor dog, bit made me laugh. Like the playhouse, and nice to see grandparents in pictures, we have so much fun with ours. Cardboard boxes are more fun than toys

  9. Lovely play house, very colourful


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