Sunday, 5 May 2013

#QuinnyCasters Challenge 1- An unpacking party

So, for our first challenge as QuinnyCasters a substantial box was delivered to the door.

And here's the thing. It posed a significant challenge. I have no spacial awareness. I can’t even tell my left from my right.

When we bought our first travel system I tried to assemble it myself. I cried. My baby hadn’t even arrived and I was failing at the first hurdle. I felt like a bad parent- how could I not assemble a travel system?

I was so excited when our Quinny Moodd arrived. But the niggling thought was there. I waited until I had some sleep under my belt to assemble it.

Using common sense I decided the only way through it was to ask for help. From two 2-year olds.

As the photos show, thanks to moral support and giddy excitement, we did it!

And what can I say, either four years of being a mum means you somehow being a pro in pushchair assembly, or this really was easy.

For the record I haven’t had to assemble a travel system since this first one, so this really was ‘childproof’.

As you’ll see from the pictures, there’s so little to do, and everything has clicks to ensure you’ve got it right.
And, because it’s always easier to show in pictures, this is how we fared:
In terms of what I made of it. It really is a stylish looking pushchair, and with the addition of the canopy it really stands out in design.

This is the first time I have had a parent facing pushchair, and am quite excited about the conversations we might have.

The boys love it. Constantly climbing in and out of the chair, whilst pushing the other round. And the footrest has already been discovered as a seat for the other (it won’t be used as this).

Having had a quick journey out with both boys I am tempted to see whether our buggy board works with it. At the moment I think it is going to be possible to take them out together and take turns- I’m actually not sure at the moment whether the preference will be to walk or ride, before I thought it would be to walk- now I’m not so sure!

Maybe it’s from carrying a double pushchair for the last two years, but the Quinny Moodd feels light as I carried it out to pack into the car. Our pushchair is a lot less substantial, but the Moodd with all its comfort did not seem to be overbearing in weight.

I was really pleased with how it handled- although I suspect I’ll need a proper challenge to test drive the Moodd!!

Disclaimer: As a result of our successful application we won a Quinny Moodd which will be used going forward to participate in more activities. All views and opinions contained are our own.

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