Thursday, 16 May 2013

#QuinnyCasters - Task 3... Failed!

So, task 3 was meant to be about the amazing places your little ones fall asleep.
We could only fail at this given that we were eager to get the boys in a strict routine from birth.
They have rarely fallen asleep anywhere other than their cots/ beds or car seats.
And since they moved to beds, afternoon naps are as guaranteed as flipping a coin.

Sleep wasn't happening for us this week.
Naps went out the window at the dawn of toddler beds.
So I tried a fresh approach, the bumpy road, which always worked when mine were babies.
It wasn't to be the way.
But here's a bit about our fantastic outing in the Quinny Moodd.

One of the best things about Wales is its 870 mile coastal path.
The path provides a continuous walking route around the whole of Wales, from Chester in the North to Chepstow in the South.
And this week celebrates the first anniversary of it being possible to complete the walk and we are fortunate to have the path on our doorstep.
The South Wales Coastal Path takes in the cities of Newport and Cardiff.

So as a QuinnyCaster showcasing the best bits of Cardiff the question of course is...

... how would the Quinny Moodd handle the terrain?

Of course it was fantastic.

We took in the Southerly most point of mainland Wales, and of course every minute was loved, there wasn't a point we couldn't reach and throughout we had giggles and excitement- these are places toddlers don't have the energy to get to- but the Quinny Moodd made it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

So maybe next week we'll try Sugar Loaf mountain...
Disclaimer: As a result of our successful application we won a Quinny Moodd which will be used going forward to participate in more activities. All views and opinions contained are our own.

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