Thursday, 23 May 2013


I would guess, over the next couple of months, my blog will touch more on religion then before.
My children will be christened in July.
I would think that is sounds wrong to say I think religion is a private thing.
I guess I think religion is a personal thing.
I want my children to grow up knowing they can choose their own religion.
I want them to grow up with the beliefs of a religion which is tolerant.

To us, our children should have moral values: respect, tolerance, and happiness.
I accept there are things we cannot understand, but I do not want my children to stand in judgement.
I would like them to have understanding, forgiveness and hope.

I want them to have courage in their convictions.
To have understanding, patience, and empathy.
To know that we are not all the same but that we are all equal.

Mr J and I were brought up, respectively, as Church of England and Church of Wales. Anglicans.
I would not be where I am today without the Catholic college which got me through my A-levels, and supported my personal well being.
We are both agreed that it is the moral framework, and to to some extent the respect and routine.
Which isn't itself religion dependent.
But as we got through Tiny's surgery, and as we reflect daily on what life can deal the strongest people.
I find without the belief in God, well, it's so difficult, impossible to contemplate.

I think of my atheist friends.
And love them to the sky and back again.
But I cannot contemplate my children without God.
Without me, or without them in life.
It is morbid, but sometimes it is only by understanding the worst that you can hope.

I think about the rationale of some, that God wouldn't have done 'that'.
But I can't help but think that living without God gives no hope. And doesn't make it any easier an understanding.
But that we are all here to be the strongest we can be.
For numerous reasons, of which I am glad, our children will be christened together, at two and four.
Not too dissimilar to my own christening.
But I am glad we are christening them at a time we can commit to the Church.
When Squeaks is excited about Sunday School.
And that the boys can see that excitement and would like a part of it.

We will see how the weeks, months and years go by.
How my children feel about religion being a part of their lives.

I hope that in the years to come my children will choose their own religion, their own faith.
That we are here to be challenged and we are here to have faith.
To create the best possible life we can for ourselves and those around us.

I hope it is the things we do for our children that give them every opportunity.
That we cannot hide behind the Church or behind a school.
That we take responsibility, that we promote the values and morals which create the basis of our children's lives.
And religion and education support us in doing this.


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