Friday, 3 May 2013

Talking 'bout my girl

She's growing up faster than I can keep hold of.
She is four.
She is so articulate.
She has more enthusiasm in the little things in life.

She does not want to be a super hero.
She will be a fairy or a pirate.
But not a princess.
Because princesses don't have wings (apart from Princess Holly).

She loves Numberjacks.
She is happy to watch Fireman Sam because it is the boys' favourite.
But would rather Dora the Explorer.
Or Peppa Pig at a compromise.

She doesn't like 'grown up tv'.
She loves 'stories in your head'.
We now have 'The five little pigs'.
(For reference: straw, leaves, twigs, stones, and brick).

She loves 'The Cat in the Hat' and 'Green Ham and Eggs'.
And if she is pushing her luck at bedtime she'll ask for 'The Lorax' because it's so much longer.

The garden is her territory.
Assault courses are her speciality.
And the boys are her co-conspirators.
In everything.

She is the best big sister.
The boys come first in everything.
Every one must acknowledge her brothers.

And she is clever.
Too clever.
Provoking conversation at bedtime.
Always one step ahead when she wants something.

But her wants are usually insignificant.
And yet they mean so much to her.

She is our water baby.
A determined swimmer.
Associating her swimsuits with whether she is to be the best or the fastest.

And she gives the best hugs.
She has a cuddle for everyone.

She is so aware of emotions.
Always wanting to ensure everyone is happy.

And she is four.
And she has a place to start school in September.
And beyond anything, I don't know how that's happened.
How is my baby ready for this?
And why is she so ready, when I'm not?

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