Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The home wish list

Since posting last week about the lack of house work going on, I've got to thinking about the little things around the house that would make life a little easier, ok some aren't so little, and have a price tag, but my home would be tidier, and maybe a little more homely...

So, housework fairy, what magic can you do:
A dishwasher
I never thought we'd live without a dishwasher with three young children. Our kitchen has enough space for two appliances, and we agreed with the amount of washing we do that a tumble drier was more important than a dishwasher. It's been 18 months and I'm wondering if we'd be better off loosing some cupboard space for a half size dishwasher.

It was a thing of my childhood where families had their crockery for day use, and the 'for best'. And I never thought I'd be here but I'd love a set 'for best'. We invested a while ago in a Denby range which was really practical, but I'd love something nice for coffee and cakes.

An iron
I can't get away from the fact I need a good iron, my excuses aren't cutting it, saying my creased clothes were ironed before I got on the train hasn't convinced anyone. So a minimal effort iron would be great. And I'll probably need an ironing board to go with it...

A slow cooker
I hate the fact we buy appliances for storage, but I do have a little conviction in improving our diets with a slow cooker. Prepping meals in the morning is a realistic aim, not panicking preparing evening meals would be a real stress buster.

Storage Solutions
There are so many, and we have them dotted around the house. I'd love something for the lounge which means it doesn't always look like a cross between a toy room and lounge.

A KitchenAid
Ok, so may be this isn't so much about house work but making my kitchen gorgeous. I would love one of these. And I'd promise to bake more if I had one!

So, where's that magic wand?

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