Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Tonight, we're drinking from the bottle - A review

Squeaks was recently sent a Contigo Autoseal cup to review. I was over the moon.
Three times a week Squeaks does wraparound between playschool and nursery school. She takes a packed lunch, and whilst choosing food she'll eat can be testing, providing a drink has also been a challenge.

We've tried providing various cups, but at some point they end up in the bag upside down, and her spare clothes get drenched, and hopefully that happens once she's had her food.

Cartons and bottled drinks have become a preference. Disposable makes an easier choice, but I can't stand how strong they taste, and then throw in the expense.

Contigo Autoseal promised to be spill proof, 100% leak proof, and promised to make drinking easy- a one handed operation, press to sip, release to seal.
So, what did we think.
Well, Squeaks has had a couple of weeks of taking this in her school bag.
And I'm happy to say it's definitely leak proof.
From this point of view it proves much more economical than cartons and bottles.

From a user point of view.
I have to admit it seems quite complicated for a 4 year old to use. S had to get her head around the way the cup operated.
I wasn't sure.
But then something more interesting happened. And any concerns were disregarded.
Our two year olds love the cup.
They too have figured how to use the cup and are more than happy to have it when we are out and about over the weekend.
I'm really pleased that we have a cup which is spill proof.
We have other cups which rely on the children pressing the tip back after drinking, which they never do.
This is a great cup for ensuring no mess.

Retailing from £13.99 these cups are more expensive than our previous purchases, however for the convenience provided, the removal of clearing up spills, not having to rewash Squeaks' spare clothes, and the cost saving of not buying cartons, this is definitely a worthwhile investment. Over the course of a term it would definitely pay for itself.

Disclosure: We received a Contigo Autoseal Kids Travel Mug for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.


  1. Now this is something I could have done with reading a couple of years ago! Seriously we went through every flipping beaker in the country it felt like trying to find one that really was leak proof!

  2. This looks amazing! I think we might have to invest. I am so fed up of long car journeys and spilt dinks!

  3. Guess they are not just for kids either?

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