Thursday, 9 May 2013

What constitutes a good week?

There are weeks. Unexpected weeks. That don't set out to be good. And yet turn out to be so.
This week wasn't set out to be anything but ordinary.

If the week started with Sunday it didn't start too well. No Sunday School meant surviving a service with only two arms and two legs. Which is never enough.
By Sunday afternoon Squeaks was taking on a downward spiral.
The children haven't been ill since the new year, and now we had chickenpox and infections.
We can't complain, but being so helpless when your children are ill is not a good feeling.

Monday saw us start the day at the hospital with Squeaks. 
And deciding she wanted undivided attention went off to her grandparents.

Leaving an unexpected wonderful day, as Mr J and I got to take Tiny and Cheeky for a day exploring. 
And buying make up. I'm going to blog about this I think.... what can I say, it turns out my make up must-haves may be older than my daughter...

Tuesday. Well, a day best written off. Tests and preparation done, there was no warning that I would be left feeling so rough after something so seemingly inconsequential. Nausea and dizziness were the main theme of my day.

Wednesday was the realisation. Some times life gets in the way. And you can console yourself with anything you wish. Sometimes there is nothing that compares to a catch up with a good friend. And throw (a near enough) new born into the situation. Retail therapy does hit the spot, but it doesn't leave that unarguable smile, that high of friendship... sometimes it doesn't matter how long it's been.
And a gorgeous baby. Well, you've probably read it before on here, we don't need to go there. Baby number 4 would reduce stress levels... honestly. Needless to say he's not convinced. I will instead love everyone else's babies!

Thursday: who puts a smile so better on your face than your child? I received a text from my mum first thing asking if I could make sure I packed the boys' swimming stuff. So obviously the boys decided they wanted to wear their cycle helmets.
And then more catching up. With coffee and time. And a smile. And I went off for some retail therapy. And maybe this is the reason shopping with friends results in so many purchases. Whilst I went off on my own I was on the friendship high and put my money to use. And even though I wasn't confident in my purchases, I brought them home and Mr J just said how 'me' they were. 
And maybe this is the thing about friendship. 
It makes you feel like you again.
From employee, to mother, to wife.
There is no point pretending they are the same.
They all bring out different qualities.
But friends, they have no choice but to accept it all.
To enjoy your best times and console your worst.
To laugh at your traumas and support your insecurities.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you just know that time doesn't matter.
The guilt eats away at you, but most times your friends forgive it.

And on week's like this, those people that expend your energy, that create seemingly needless barriers, seem either inconsequential or worthy of challenge.
And because you are up for the challenge it means that through challenging it makes life easier. 
That maybe that twelve hour round drive on Monday isn't so important after all.
That maybe just saying 'that's the way it is' is fine after all.

And family remains the most important, but the added dimension really does make you a happier person.

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