Friday, 21 June 2013

A community pulling together

Sometimes the guilt of selfishness just smacks you in the face.
Today (yesterday) just reinforces everything.

I have been racking my everything as to whether I've made the right school choices.

Today, what has been described by others as, the 'sleepy village of Rhoose' has been in the headlines.

For a tragedy that happened at around 08.50.

That resulted in the air ambulance, firefighters, and police being outside the village's primary school.

It is beyond comprehension.

Why would this happen?
Why would forces prevail to allow this happen at 08.50.
Outside a primary school.

It just did.

And from what I understand, the team at the school were amazing, and members of the community offered first aid, reassurance and comfort.

And this is it.
This is why we live here.
And this is why my amazing daughter will be starting reception at Rhws Primary in September.

Every bone in my body wills those injured to recover to full health, that those affected are supported in their recovery.

Accidents and tragedies.
It is inconceivable.
But I know Rhoose has the strength to recover.
To gain strength.
And to support all affected.

Me, and my English family, are proud to be living in Wales.


  1. Such a terribly sad news story - nice to hear the community can pull together, support one another and recover the shock. I pray all the injured make a full and fast recovery xx

  2. What an awful thing to happen at any place never mind outside a school. It is when these awful things happen that we see just how strong community spirit really is. All those injured are in my thoughts x

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  4. I was on non-contact time in school when it happened and the IT technician told me about it. We were all horrified, that could have been us, but for the grace of God it wasn't. It was however a school on our doorstep, with children we knew involved and a community all too familiar. But you're right, it's a close-knit community that will recover.


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