Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Carrie & David Grant's Jump in and Join In books #review

I love a book with a new, interesting take for little people.
David & Carrie Grant's 'Jump Up and Join In' range certainly achieves that.
We were fortunate enough to receive 'Lion's Speedy Sauce' and 'Elephant's Birthday Bells' to review.
And after an initial flick Squeaks discovered the CD in the back pocket and, in a way that only a 4 year old can, removed it from the envelope, popped it in daddy's laptop, and we were away.

The books begin with a story, and move in to learning about music, with an associated activity. And all of this is accompanied by a cd talking you through it all.
Squeaks loved the opportunity to dance to the music. And then to practice her singing.
We ended up reading Elephant's Birthday Bells three times over.
And after negotiating that we'd read Lion's Speedy Sauce the following evening (bedtime was looming)
So, what was the verdict?
I love the variety of the books.
I like the idea of introducing my children to music in a way they understand.
Despite my inability to hold a tune, Carrie and David had Squeaks and I harmonising in no time at all.
I love the combination of a craft activity to run along side the book.
And the stories of course had Squeaks cueing the CD so we could read along over and over.

It's been a while since a book has introduced me to a new way of thinking, I liked that this book introduced Squeaks and I to music to run along side the book.

I would think these books a great gift for your children, or as a thoughtful gift for a child's birthday.

Disclosure: We received the two books mentioned for the purposes of the review. All opinions expressed are our own.

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