Monday, 24 June 2013

Feeling the love at BritMums Live 2013

This weekend was BritMumsLive.
Can you imagine. Two whole days of unadulterated blogging pleasure.
No children.
100% me time.
Time to just be me.
No thoughts of bedtime, preparing meals, whether or not the boys would go down for a nap.
No last minute phone calls for work to be done by 5pm. No deadlines whizzing by.

It was great.

I attended BritMumsLive 2012 after winning a competition on Domestic Goddesque's blog. So it seemed to fitting that she was one if the first people I met this year (and it's not all about the flowers!).
I got to spend lots of time with Sarah from Boo, Roo and Tigger Too, having met her at BML 2012.
And it was also about new friends, Sara Jayne and I were quickly back in cahoots after having such a fab time at Cybher.
And of course I got my cwtch with Emma, after Becca had gone home for her, after having her 'me' time the previous day.

And there were the online friends, those people who provide so much support but i have never met.
I got to know Stressy Mummy in real life, the lady who kept me going through last year's Project 365.
I met Ninja Killer Cat after missing her at Cybher.
I got to spend time with Mum of Four Boys, a fellow Quinnycaster and catch up on so much.
I also finally got to meet Diary of  the Evans-Crittens, another fellow Welsh blogger.

And of course there were so many I didn't get to spend enough time talking with, and people I didn't get to meet in person and am absolutely gutted about.

Where to start?

Sometimes you do so much in such a short amount of time that it's easier to go in reverse.

I ended my weekend with lunch with a friend, after Sarah and I missed breakfast in favour of a lie in.
We were up till 1.30 talking. After staying up till 4.30 the previous morning yapping.
It turns out we're both really good at talking.
I finished BritMumsLive with the best hug ever from The Boy and Me.
We had just finished celebrating Multiple Mummy.
The most amazing tribute by Emma Vanstone and Hello It's Gemma.
You realise the power of the written and spoken word.
Voices uniting for a wonderful woman- blogger, friend, wife, mother. Inspiration.

I could easily stop here.
Because this was BritMumsLive to me.

But, BritMumsLive made this happen, it allows bloggers to come together.
And unite over common interests and causes.

My highlights?

Listening to the Blogging for Good workshop.
+Michelle Twin Mum+Christine Mosler, Ruth Dawkins and Rosie Child talked about supporting charities. This was full of tips and advice for making this work for you, your blog and your charity.... And is best explained in Michelle's post.
It's provided me with so focus and confidence to make this work. And I'm excited to put a plan into action.
I listened to +Michelle Garrett+Kelly Innes, +Jacqui Paterson and +Joanne Mallon  discuss reviews and sponsored posts. It again put things in context. I love reviews- both in providing them on blog and in using blogs to inspire purchases and as research for planned purchases.
Joanne said "What is the story you're going to tell?".
It's simple but it says it all. And I think reviews do sometimes miss this.
Along with the price of the item. Which was a lot of peoples bug bear.

I had fun in the Hub with Acer, Visit Orlando, Warner Brothers, Coca-Cola... the list goes on.... but this is the outcome....

And, this, this has to be the best thing ever...
I went to the session on SEO and blog design. I loved the blog design presentation by +Robin Houghton, it provided so many useful tips and plenty of advice to take on board. I have to admit to being disappointed by how focused +Alison's presentation was on Wordpress (as this wasn't set out in the agenda brief).
However as the day went on the line: "If you don't host your own blog, a fairy dies" rang true. And I am pondering such a move, with trepidation, nervousness, and a teeny bit of excitement.

I attended lots of other sessions, all of which I came away with hints and tips which will hopefully improve my blog.
I think everyone feels like a beginner and can learn so much.
I think I have learned just as much from listening to fellow bloggers as I did at the workshops.
And this to me is what BritMumsLive achieves.

It's overnight, so no-one worries about rushing off.
It's over two days, so you're a bit more relaxed about missing a session to catch up with your now real online friends.
You want to socialise because it's probably the only overnight stays without children you're going to get... till the next time you attend BritMumsLive.
And because you know that the next time you attend you will be able to catch up with all the new friends you made in 2013.

I can't tell you what I enjoyed most about BritMumsLive 203.
I know it's an equal split between the conference itself and everything that happened around it.
I know I can't get 'Firework' out of my head.

And that is BritMumsLive 2013.
Thank you +Jennifer Howze, thank you +Susanna Scott


  1. Ah, happy days! I found us, boyo!

  2. Do you know what? I really needed that hug as well, having silently sobbed through the tribute to Kerry while stood next to OneDad3Girls (who was shuffling his feet at my crying), turning around and seeing your face was the best thing to happen. Thank you!

    We now need to actually get our arses together and meet up, we live less than five miles apart for goodness sake!

  3. Great pic of you and Sarah and so glad our session worked for you and you have a plan to put in action, shout if I can be of any help. Mich x

  4. Gutted I missed the very end and gutted I missed you there. Glad you had a good time though.

  5. i cannot believe you live so close to TheBoyandMe! it was lovely to meet you at last and i am so pleased you enjoyed your 1st Britmumslive x x

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