Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Growing up too fast

In a few weeks time we will attend my daughter's first 'graduation'.
No, you've not been asleep for 17 years, it's something they do at nursery.
As the children graduate, so that they may walk across the playground, to 'big school'.
Before children, this made me chortle, and now as a parent, well, my little girl in nine months has grown up faster than I could have thought possible.
My daughter has become conversant in phrases like:
"You're not my best friend anymore."
"If you tell me off I will be cross, and then you'll have to say sorry."
"I like pink."

And, alongside this 'social' streak, she has learnt the seasons, the days of the week, her colours in english and welsh.
And, has watched a caterpillar grow into a butterfly.
And has been a star in a nativity, and learned the words to so many songs.
And has grown fearful of the days her mummy works in London.
Because of course 'London Bridge is falling down'.

And despite seeing how much she has grown and learned in the short time she has been in nursery school.
And hearing how fondly she talks of her teacher and the learning support assistants.
And creating her group of 'best friends', which changes twenty times from drop off to pick up.

I miss her.
I don't like having to ask her about how she spent her day.
And finding out her new words and new songs through conversation.

And this is how the next twelve or so years is going to be.
That majority time does not rule.
And that my time with my children becomes more precious than ever.

And yet in spite of all of this, I have submitted another application.
For Tiny and Cheeky to start nursery school next Easter.
Because I know Squeaks is the better child for her social skills and the exercise her mind gets.
Of course, the guilt of the working mum kicks in.
But this is our situation, and our choices.
And I love that we have a great school to support us in making the best lives possible for our children.

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  1. They do grow up so quickly don't they? I love her little star outfit. My niece is graduating from nursery soon too. They have a song and everything!


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