Friday, 28 June 2013

Hello, it's me... Johnson Babies

So, today was a baaaaddddd day.

I don't even know how it started.

But around 10.30 I went on to blogger to see my favourite hobby... my blog.

It was weird. My page views were really low.
I thought in my sleep I might have written an offensive post and I was being boycotted. (I love my imagination).
I clicked on 'view blog'.
And words failed me.

I quickly asked for advice.
I was going from one meeting to another.
But there was that little part of me.

Completely distracted in the meeting, watching the advice scroll up on my screen.
I believe my director gave me some good news.
My lack of reaction alerted him to my mood.
(Of course I didn't mention the blog).

At 11.30 I became the owner of
And here we are.
I have admitted I cannot win this one.
I will retain a belief in karma.

I think I've lost some things... blog lovin' followers... and no doubt my Tots100 ranking.

But, it's really good on the other hand.... it reinforces what I discovered at Britmums.
I haven't lost my content.
I have all my photos.
And I have my blog.
We've just moved to another address.

Please feel free to send a card... and pop back anytime for a coffee x

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I'm linking up with Keep Up with the Jones Family... I promise next week to include some floating boats too!
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  1. hi, i check. im still following you.

  2. Found you again over here, looks mostly salvaged :) xx

  3. So glad you didn't lose everything, hope you're happy at your new URL. Everything will recover super quickly I'm sure xx

  4. I'm so sorry someone has swooped in and nabbed your URL, you must be so cross.

  5. Hi, So sorry this happened to you. We are always told make sure you own the .com and but in your case it has been lucky in a way that you didn't own both and maybe lose both. :-( So glad you don't lose the content and photos etc. We were all thinking of you. Lots of love, Claire x

  6. Urgh! How awful! I feel for you:(((

  7. This is total and utter shite. Have updated on the guest post bios and on the blog roll. Glad you got it sorted out, and yes, your content is still here and as good as ever! The url squatter will rot in cyber hell, I'm sure.

  8. Yay you are self hosted. It will be a good move, just takes a bit of time for everything to move over.

    1. Just re read and realised it was a stressful move forced upon you. Looks like everything is saved and your followers still here.


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