Thursday, 13 June 2013

Matchbox 60th Anniversary- Are you ever too old to play 'cars'?

This week, Dorky Mum recommended a post by Emma and Isaac which looked at the things which had changed from our youth to becoming parents.

At the same time Matchbox is celebrating it's 60th Anniversary.
And I can't help but wonder, are you ever too old to play 'cars'?

I certainly did as a child, and since getting the boys a garage and cars for their second birthday I've witnessed my mum, my dad, husband, daughter and sons all getting involved and engrossed into the zoomy noises as cars whizz around the room.

I loved the video Matchbox is using to celebrate its Anniversary. It makes me appreciate that whilst so many things change, there are still constants in our lives.

As if to reinforce the way cars can bring so much fun, here is the reaction of the boys to receiving two of the cars from the 60th Anniversary collection:

(And yes, that is the 'nee naw' sound coming from Cheeky as he admires his ambulance).

We've put this one away until Sunday:
I spied the look of envy of Mr J's face.
I think this Mustang will cheer him up immensely.

And Father's Day will no doubt see lots of 'vroom' and cars whizzing and stuttering, with 'nee naw's' thrown in for good measure!

Disclosure: We received three cars which we based this review on. All views contained are our own.

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