Monday, 10 June 2013

Natural Childhood - Exploring Wales

Sometimes the best laid plans go to waste.
With a family of three under-5's I wonder why I expect anything else.

And yet, sometimes with the best intentions comes the greatest results.

This weekend we had planned to visit some of the best National Trust Wales has to offer.
Between traffic, children and life we didn't make our destination of the Gower. I was so disappointed to find myself making the decision to turn back for home.
And as I passed so many places that I wanted to take the children, my determination grew, and as we passed the sign for Ogmore-On-Sea I decided that was that.
Ogmore-On-Sea was one of those places I used to love when I was a child.
I decided to brave bad moods and feigned illness, and see whether our day could be rescued.

Fortunately it turned into one of the best days, albeit too short.

Squeaks and Cheeky had great fun exploring the beach:
And whilst Tiny was completely cautious of putting his feet on the sand, it wasn't long before he was smiling.
And holding mummy's hand on a walk to the sea.
Where Cheeky turned super cautious, and Tiny just got on with it.
And confidence soon arrived as they waded out to Daddy and Squeaks.
And we would be fortunate enough to tick another off our fantastic 50 Things list. 
And whilst it might have been a small tick to begin with:
It soon turned into the most fun, and a mighty big tick:

Me, well I got a fantastic day (eventually). The tide came in far too quickly.
I got three happy, exhilarated, exhausted children.
I thought I had a new blog header... but it's missing Mr J and Squeaks.
I am so grateful to National Trust to providing some direction.
Scanning down the 50 things list we're getting there, some the boys will need to experience as they get a bit older, but it's so good to give a bit of focus to their outdoor activities!

If you're interested in keeping up to date with National Trust venues, check out their twitter feed, I think we'll be trying to tick a few more off our list whilst this great weather continues! And if not, we'll just tick off #6 Run around in the rain!

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