Saturday, 8 June 2013

Project #365 - Week #22

Our week that was half term (and we still haven't caught up).

We had some baking fun on Sunday as I attempt to perfect a rainbow cake. Fortunately the children love cake so much they're happy that I continue to strive for the 'not wonky' version.

On Monday Squeaks and I had a flick through Red Ted Art's crafty book and had some fun creating a zoo, complete with two glitter monsters.

Tuesday was back to work and not even coffee and cake could convince my brain to come together.

Wednesday: a nice end to the day and the three played so well, and continued through to bathtime.

Thursday: a quick play in the park as the weather improved.

Friday: we took a walk round the block as my end to the working week.

Saturday: an early morning start for Cybher.

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  1. That rainbow cake looks amazing and I love the loo roll animals

  2. i think your rainbow cake looks brilliant and the colours so vibrant! feel free to practise on me anytime!
    those Red Ted Art creations look really great and i really like the final pic of your daughter looking at that sparkly water x

  3. I love your zoo! I wonder which enclosure the glitter monsters would go in?

  4. Awww, fabulous cake, I love the depths of the colour.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  5. Amazing cake, I really want to try to make one soon.

  6. Loving the rainbow cake - will have to give that a go.

  7. I think you should be very proud of your rainbow cake - I bet it was delicious. Lovely picture of the children playing happily together.

  8. Rainbow cake! I love Rainbow cake! Not made one for a while though so will have to remedy that ;-)
    Love the pic of all 3 in the bath :-) Mine are too big for that now (and too loud!). I miss the days off all of them in one bath.

  9. That cake looks yummy! It's nice they can play so nice all day long!


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