Thursday, 27 June 2013

#QuinnyCasters Task 6 - Exploring Cardiff with the Quinny Moodd

 We've been testing the Quinny Moodd in some of the City's most popular spots- we know that it handles well off road and in tourist destinations.

When we were given the task of exploring hidden treasures, I thought about the hidden treasures which I have shied away from since becoming a parent.

In my university days life was spent in and around the Civic Centre, so Tom and I took the time for me to reacquaint myself with my favourite spots. And to see them through the eyes of a toddler. It was a windy day and I forgot how hypnotising the leaves on trees are. I have such fond memories of walking through Centre Vale Park in Todmorden with Seren and her settling as she watched the leaves, it was wonderful to see the same is true for a toddler.
I also took the time for some retail therapy. Since having the boys I have generally turned to online shopping, or at a push shopping at the out-of-town retail parks. I decided if I was really to put the Quinny Moodd to the test it would have to be about how well, and how stress free a shopping experience would be.

Cardiff on a Saturday has never been for the faint hearted. And yes, because you have a pushchair you do tend to have a trump card, but more satisfying is how the maneouverablility (yes I'm sure it's a word) of the Moodd, that when you politely say 'excuse me' you can quickly swerve around people and get to your destination.

For me it was the craft section at the back of The Works. If there's ever a shop you don't want to try on a Saturday it's The Works. As it was we managed to find everything we were looking for, with no tears.
The final test for me is the theatre. I love escapism. I love the idea of introducing my children to the theatre.

Whilst the Sherman Theatre is new build, and a great design which places accessibility at its heart, the New Theatre is a fantastic old theatre with amazing architecture.

The downside of the New Theatre is the pushchair store is downstairs. And it's not the most friendly set of stairs.

This was the ultimate test for the Moodd.
And because of its fantastic features it handled them with grace.

The easy collapse and the light frame meant it was far easier to carry it down the stairs than to bump it down.

When I collected it at the end, the kind usher offered to carry my 'heavy pram' up to the main level for me. Needless to say he was quite surprised when he lifted it.

And the intelligent feature of one touch unfolding meant it was a simple act of leaving at the end.

I did laugh at the look of surprise on some parents faces as they struggled with their seemingly lightweight buggies.

Cardiff is an accessible city, and with the Quinny Moodd is it that more accessible to families.

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