Thursday, 20 June 2013

School and friendship

After writing such an optimistic post yesterday, well I was also given a reality check.

A while ago I wrote a post about trying to figure out the best primary school to send our children to, and whether feeder secondary schools should factor into this decision.

We decided we had a great primary school within walking distance.
Having both grown up in a similar situation, we liked the idea of our children being in close proximity to their friends, that weekends wouldn't be taken up driving distances to birthday parties and friends houses, that after school hobbies were realistic, and in the early years we wouldn't be trying to drop off the children in different locations and spend longer on school runs than was really necessary.

We decided we'd cross the bridge with secondary schools nearer the time, our life has a habit of changing, and seven years is a far enough away to plan a good secondary education for our children. The idea of driving our children back and forth to an out-of-catchment secondary school for five or so years isn't realistically an option, so we know it's not going to be a simple answer.

Decision made, we were delighted that Squeaks got her place at the local school.

I got ahead of myself, I wrote a post about how happy I was about her time in nursery progressing to reception.

And then yesterday disaster struck (disaster by a 4-years old's definition). Squeaks' two best friends from playschool and nursery school are both going to the 'other' school.
And they had their taster days at their new school yesterday.

And last night it was the talk of the evening.
Squeaks wants to go the red school not the blue school.
Squeaks is too young to understand our rationale for wanting her to go to the local school.

And my heart is breaking.
I loved the idea that Squeaks had progressed from playschool to nursery school with children she knew.
And I loved her talk of the breakups and makeups of her best friends.

And now, I feel like I have done this to her.
That is I hadn't wanted her to go to nursery school.
That at 4 years old Squeaks is about to lose her points of reference.
She won't have her two best friends around to help with the transition to 'big school'.

At bedtime we had the 'story in mummy's head' about the best friends are the ones you don't see everyday.
And that it's great to have friends that you don't go to school with, that you can just have fun with.
I thought it had half worked.
Until I kissed her goodnight, and she said "Mummy, can I visit the red school tomorrow?".

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  1. How heartbreaking. I hope that she's made new friends & managed to maintain old friendships too x


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