Thursday, 6 June 2013

Vanish- getting whites, white #Review

We were fortunate enough to receive some Vanish Oxi-Action to review.
There's no getting away from it- we have a lot of laundry.
I've previously mentioned that I chose a tumble drier over a dishwasher.
That's how much laundry we have.

I've also mentioned our muslins/ sick blankets/ blankies in the past.
Since the boys were born they have been attached to their blankies.
Their white blankies.
Whilst now they are only used at bedtime, the boys will not be seen without them.

We've also always dressed the boys in white vests, and back in the day white babygrows.
I love babies in white. It's the one time you can get away with it and truly appreciate them as a baby rather than their outfit.
(And when you daughter turns 4 and her world turns pink, it's so calming to remember days of white.)

So, Vanish has become a product which we pick up every now and again, we've found the pink containers best for getting rid of stubborn stains, whereas the Crystal White is my more regular purchase- which brings the boys clothes back to white- making their clothes look as though they haven't been put through the grindstone which is known as 'toddler twins'.
I've always added a scoop to each wash.
Through the samples I discovered that you can also pre-rinse or apply as a paste to more stubborn stains.
I think this is a skill we'll perfect through the children attending school- those white polo shirts aren't likely to stay white for long without a little bit of elbow grease (my pet name for Vanish).

Vanish once again gave the children's whites a new lease of light.
And I am very grateful!

Disclosure: We received two cartons of Vanish for the purposes of this review. All views contained are our own.

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